Vermut & Soul: The aperitif party returns to the Port Vell in Barcelona

Vermut & Soul: The aperitif party returns to the Port Vell in Barcelona

With the arrival of warmer days, vermouth becomes the star drink to combat the heat and enjoy moments of relaxation and socializing. And what better place to enjoy this tradition with the return of Barcelona’s iconic Vermut & Soul Port Vell event from May 3-5, 2024.

Organized by Time Out in collaboration with Vermut, this event offers three days of fun, music, gastronomy and, of course, a wide variety of vermouth to taste. Located in the Muelle de la Madera, in front of the sea, Vermut & Soul is a must for all lovers of good food and drink.

In its eighth edition, Vermut & Soul promises a unique experience with regular stops offering an extensive selection of the best vermouth brands, from the classics to the most innovative. In addition, for those who prefer other beverages, there will be options such as beer, cava, wine, sangria, cocktails and non-alcoholic alternatives.

One of the main attractions of the event are the vermouth tastings, where attendees can try a variety of flavors and discover new brands.

There are also workshops where experts teach how to prepare the perfect vermouth, as well as interactive games to discover which type of vermouth best suits each person.

Vermut & Soul returns to Barcelona

One of the main attractions of Vermut & Soul is its extensive vermouth apothecary. From classics such as Olave and El Bandarra to more innovative options such as Vermouth Dos Dioses and Vermouth Murcarols, here you will find a wide variety of options to satisfy all tastes.

In addition to vermouth, there will also be beer, cava, wine, sangria, cocktails and non-alcoholic options, ensuring that all attendees will find something they like.

But Vermut & Soul is not just about drinking; it’s also a celebration of local gastronomy. Attendees can enjoy a wide variety of culinary options, from food trucks offering creative dishes to special gastronomic experiences, such as the patatas bravas route and the new croquettes route.

Live music is another fundamental part of the Vermut & Soul experience. DJs will set the mood with a mix of genres ranging from funk and electronica to jazz and blues. In addition, there will be open dance workshops for those who want to move their skeleton to the rhythm of the music.

Tickets within everyone’s reach

The general admission price is only 3.90 euros, which allows everyone to enjoy this appetizer party. For those wishing to add workshops and tastings, there are options ranging from 3.90 to 28 euros per ticket, ensuring that there is something for all tastes and budgets.

Vermut & Soul is a complete sensory experience in a spectacular setting.