Do you like vintage decoration? You will love these 3 stores

Do you like vintage decoration? You will love these 3 stores

The magic of the past is contagious if you love vintage decor. Barcelona offers you several fantastic shopping options with countless collectibles that will take you on a journey through time with old rarities. In these places you will find the perfect mix between the unusual and the curious.

These vintage stores enchant and give a strange magic to the city of Barcelona. Get to know them, because you will surely fall in love with something.

Impregnate your decoration with an air of Barcelona!

If you like vintage decoration, you will enjoy these 3 stores


Visiting Columpiu you will feel like you are on a safari in the past in the middle of corridors with all kinds of relics. It’s like going on a trip back in time with the motivation of not losing sight of anything they have to offer from floor to ceiling. You will find carpets, chests of drawers, frames, busts, showcases, scales, billiards, radios, among many other things.

Its owner, Joan d’Olot, values everything that others leave behind. There are many pieces of furniture, objects and an infinity of abandoned things of “retro” and pop style that he and his wife have rescued over time. They started in 2003 in their first store in Rec Comtal street, seeing how Scandinavian fashion and other current trends became more popular. However, they preferred to dedicate themselves to offering beautiful samples of a past full of color, brightness and good quality.

Web Site: Address: Bailèn, 147 / Casanova, 159


This vintage store specializes in lamps, ceramics and furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s. All of them very well located and so harmonious and beautiful that you will surely fall in love with them.

In addition to being a store, Fusta’m is also a workshop specialized in interior design, restoration and carpentry. The “vintage” aesthetic is breathed in this place all under the culture of sustainable reuse and a friendly and enthusiastic attention. Objects that you would never think to see will bring you to remember the past with joy and nostalgia.

Web site: Address: Joaquín Costa, 62

3.Petits Encants Francesc Raich

Francesc Raich owner, with his first salary he bought a pocket watch that he still keeps. Right from that moment on, he became connected for life with objects with history to the point that he stopped studying agriculture to open Petits Encants Francesc Raich.

His store is catalogued as one of the most exciting and beautiful in Barcelona, which he filled with objects acquired at auctions, going from one place to another or collecting the objects that people gave him and turning them into beauties of the past.

There you can find classic record players, antique musical instruments, greeting cards from bygone eras, cocktail shakers, dolls and even Civil War helmets. On the other floor there is a repair shop where he fixes clocks, accordions, jukeboxes, accordions and anything else that comes along.
Address: Basses de Sant Pere, 24