A BCN bakery has the best Artisan Panettone in the country

A BCN bakery has the best Artisan Panettone in the country

The Spanish Confectioners Guild awarded the Cloudstreet Bakery in Barcelona as the one that prepares the best Artisan Panettone in the country. The bakery is located near Hospital Clínic at Carrer del Rosselló, 112 in Barcelona.

The Best Artisan Panettone Contest of Spain is organized by the Escuela de Pastelería del Gremio de Barcelona, which is already in its fourth edition in 2019. Forty bakeries from all over Spain participated in this version, whose products were evaluated by a jury of experts, including Giuseppe Piffaretti, author of the best Panettone in the world.

The jurors took into account the Panettone’s appearance, smell, texture, cut, flavor and alveolado (small holes in the dough) to choose the winner.

The contest is a tribute to the increase in consumption of this sweet delicacy in recent years, especially at Christmas. The Confectioners Guild estimates that the sale of panettones has multiplied up to ten times more during the last five years in the country.

The creator of the best Artisan Panettone in the country.

Art is at the heart of the award-winning bakery. Its owner is Tonatiuh Cortés, a professional musician from Mexico who stayed in Barcelona 15 years ago to initially study medieval music. But as are the things of life, he fell in love with bread and trained for a year at the Barcelona Reykjavik bakery and then opened Cloustreet Bakery in 2013.

Cloustreet Bakery is now a well known bakery-pastry shop with a vintage ambiance and decor. It has a wood-fired oven, a variety of cakes and pastries and gluten-free options. There you can also enjoy delicious handmade products prepared with organic flours, sourdough and above all with lots of love.

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Sunday closed.

The Pannettone: a worldwide tradition

Being close to Christmas celebrations makes panettones reappear in all their splendor. There are many varieties that look so appetizing that it is very difficult not to try them. And now with more reason in Barcelona the Pannetonne from Cloudstreet Bakery will be the delight of this final stretch of 2019.

This spectacular product of the world bakery comes from Italy. It is a cylindrical “sponge cake” made with sourdough to which truffle is added with glazed fruit and raisins. After mixing all the ingredients (butter, flour, eggs, eggs, orange zest, vanilla stick), it is baked in the oven to be spongy and delicious.

After cooling, it is packed in an elegant box where it remains juicy and tender for several weeks. Preparing it by hand is an art of true experts. It is a sweet morsel of luxury.