Dive with sharks at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

Dive with sharks at L'Aquàrium de Barcelona

If you like the sea, its wonders and the species that inhabit it, what better way to see them up close and enjoy a magnificent experience. If you are really determined you can dive with sharks at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona with all the necessary safety measures to guarantee you 3 hours of marine life.

This unusual experience is available all year round at L’Aquàrium from Monday to Sunday at 9.30am, 12pm and 4pm. You must be very punctual and arrive before the scheduled time so that you can participate in the entire activity and not miss anything.

Admission is for adults and children from 8 years old with parental authorization. No previous diving experience is required.

An adventure with sharks at L’Aquàrium in Barcelona

During the whole time you will be accompanied by an instructor who will initiate you in the world of scuba diving with a 40 minutes diving baptism. There you will learn the secrets of diving such as breathing underwater, handling the regulator and knowing the different signals to act.

Once you are ready and confident in what you have learned, the time has come. With scuba gear and equipment you will enter a fixed walkway designed exclusively to see sharks up close as you never imagined.

From this moment you will dive for 50 minutes in the Oceanarium, a tank of 4 million liters of water where you will see thousands of fish swimming near you. Moonfish, rays, moray eels and of course bull sharks and gray sharks.

Each entry will be made by groups of a maximum of 4 people and you may invite one person to accompany you from the outside.

Schedules and other recommendations to see sharks at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

You can go from Monday to Sunday, according to availability. There are morning and afternoon shifts.
The total duration of the shark adventure at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is approximately 3 hours. Beginning with the baptism initiation for 40 minutes and the dive with the fish for 50 minutes.

As requirements you are asked for:

Identity document (DNI/NIE/passport).
Bring towel, bathing suit, toiletries and slippers for showering.
The activity is suitable for people with reduced mobility, the important thing is to inform in advance at the time of booking.
Not suitable for pregnant women.

What is included in the voyage

  • All diving equipment and material.
  • 40 minutes of training as an initiation to baptism.
  • 50 minutes of submersion.
  • Insurance for one day.
  • Entrance to the water tank for the participant and a companion from the outside.
  • Free entrance to visit the Aquarium of Barcelona for the participant and his/her companion.

Contact and information: L’Aquàrium de Barcelona Phone: 932 21 74 74 74