Beatriz Palá : “Barcelona for me is: life, beauty and an openness to the world without limits”.

Today we are pleased to meet a great friend of salirporbarcelona.

She is Beatriz Palá, originally from the city of Lleida, she has lived for many years in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona.

Today he tells us about his relationship with Barcelona.

SPB – Tell us about yourself, who is Beatriz Palá?

BP – By training I am an Economist and MBA from ESADE, I worked for many years in the world of private enterprise, first in the Sorigue group, then in Pepsi and finally Gallina Blanca. By vocation I am a psychologist, because since I was a child I have been passionate about people, relationships, the emotional world, that which unites and distances us, in short, the essence of the human being.

I define myself as a seeker, curious, intuitive, vital and very positive. For this reason, and guided by my passion, one day I decided to take the plunge, and bet on my vocation and professional change. I trained as a coach, and for more than 10 years I have dedicated myself, by vocation and passion, to accompany people committed to change, to achieve their goals of happiness, from the conscious self-knowledge.

SPB -What is your relationship with Barcelona and how would you define it using 3 adjectives?

BP -I was born in Lleida, and I’ve been living in Barcelona since I was 21 years old. I arrived as a student, then, captivated by its sea, its life, its diversity, architecture and open-mindedness, I settled in this beautiful city. In three words,

Barcelona for me is: life, beauty and an openness to the world without limits.

SPB -Which is the corner or neighborhood of Barcelona that you like the most and why?

BP -I am fascinated by many corners of the Born neighborhood. Walking, discovering and rediscovering its streets, inspire my creativity, and connect me with the beauty that breathes its art, history and the leisurely bustle of its buildings, churches, stores, restaurants, bars. In the Borne everything has a special charm that transports and inspires you…

SPB – Tell us which two little-known restaurants you like best and would suggest to our readers?

BP –

  • The Bar La Plata
    in the Gothic Quarter, is a spectacular place for its tapas and also an extraordinary restaurant. If you manage to find a place, I recommend it for its quality and great charm.

  • El Xampanyet
    located in the Born neighborhood, is another mythical and peculiar place worth visiting to taste its tapas. Also, and right next door, its bodega
    El Puntual
    offers a more extensive menu of tapas and elaborate dishes, which is truly extraordinary.
  • Another place that fascinates me, especially in the summer, is the
    Pez Vela Restaurant
    right next to the W Hotel in Barcelona and right on the beach.

SPB – We know that you have just published the book “Felicidad Tendencial”… and presented it in Barcelona in a fantastic event that you organized at the Museu del Modernisme Barcelona.

Presentation of the book “Tendential Happiness” in Barcelona

The question is:

Is Barcelona a Trendy Happy City? What is your book about?

BP -Barcelona has all the components to enjoy a happy life, yet it is a city full of contrasts. On the one hand, it has the calm of its sea, its parks, its strolling tourists, its neighborhood people, its bars and stores nearby, etc…, and on the other hand, you can feel the rush and urgencies of the big city that it is. This distance sometimes dehumanizes us, and distances us from our own happiness.

In any case, we must keep in mind that what brings us closer or farther away from our own happiness always has to do with ourselves, and with our personal decision to orient ourselves towards it with conviction and decision. And that is the challenge, and also the opportunity. Wherever you live, your personal power lives in you. To activate it you just need to remember who you are, what your values and authentic motivations are and go for them, with authenticity and practicality.
“Trending Happiness. Connect and empower your life” is a book based on this concept.
is a book that is precisely based on this concept, and that opens the doors for you to create your own happiness. Through its reading, you will discover innovative, very simple and effective concepts and tools of self-application for the improvement of your life, and day by day, oriented to your own happiness.

And finally, let me tell you that this book is the fruit of four years of work, and more than twenty years of study and practice. In it I have compiled the best practices and tools that I know and whose results I have seen first hand, both from my own experience and from those of my clients. The method used in my personal coaching sessions is the one you will be able to follow in this book. I am pleased that this is the case, and I am also pleased that
“Trend Happiness. Conéctate y potencia tu vida”
in such a short time and since the publisher Olé Libros launched it on the market, is having such a good reception among its readers.

For this reason, and for the great contribution that I am sure this book can make in your life, and therefore in the lives of many people, I sincerely hope that it will find its way into your hands and into your life.

With my best wishes of happiness to you and to all the readers of Salir por Barcelona, I thank you for this interview, and for being part of my journey.

SPB – Where to buy it?

BP – All the information about the book TRENDING HAPPINESS Connect and empower your life you will find it in the page Beatriz Palá Calvo:
Vital Coaching