Balloon ride over Montserrat, an experience you can’t be told about

Have you ever dreamed of taking to the skies? A balloon flight is the perfect way to live this dream. Hot air balloon flights are becoming increasingly popular as a fun and unique adventure. From the moment you embark on the ballooning experience, you will be captivated by the beautiful views of a unique environment, the mountain of Montserrat. The balloon will take you on an unforgettable journey as you soar above the ground and enjoy breathtaking views. An experience you will never forget.

montserrat hot air balloon rideBalloon ride over Montserrat

To enjoy the experience of a village to the mountain of Montserrat, you only need that adventurous spirit that characterizes those who take to the skies. This activity allows you to contemplate an extremely beautiful area of the province of Barcelona. Ballooning has that air of antiquity and of the purest aeronautical navigation. To enjoy this activity, you only have to make your reservation and make the subscription, which has a price of 289.99 €. The time investment is a total of six and a half hours, with a flight duration of one hour and fifteen minutes. Once the activity is confirmed, you have to leave from the Carrer de Bergara, transfer that is done in a 4×4.


Once we arrive at the flying field, we will be able to discover how the balloon looks like and how it inflates. It is really impressive to think that with hot air you can make a crossing. Once everything is ready, it’s time to board and take flight. It is an experience that you have to live, no matter how much we tell you we can not find the words to convey the excitement of riding in a balloon. On the other hand, the Monserrat mountain is characterized by a unique beauty, it is an area with great scenic value and that causes a huge impact.

Don’t let anyone tell you

Enjoying the scenery from the heights, having only a basket and a balloon as a connection is something you have to experience. To perform this activity, it is necessary to reach a weight of 20 kilos, with a maximum weight limit of 95 kilos. Therefore, you can now start making plans to make your reservation. This is done electronically, and if the date you want is available, it is automatically confirmed.

The balloon tour puts you in tune with nature, and makes you relive what those first adventurers felt when they set out to take to the skies. The balloon has all the required safety standards, as well as the personnel in charge of its handling. You don’t have to worry, it is a very safe activity and it is done with the objective of having fun.

After completing the flight, you land and automatically you will be overcome with a feeling of having conquered the world, not for nothing, it is an activity that not everyone has the opportunity to perform. You will take with you an unforgettable souvenir, because a flight certificate is issued . In addition, before returning to Barcelona, a champagne toast is made to celebrate this achievement.


Load your life with interesting experiences

Balloon riders are amazed by the view from the basket. It is high enough to see the Mediterranean, being able to identify the city of Barcelona, as well as other very recognizable locations. The experience of riding in a balloon is something unique, it is very difficult to explain in words what it feels like to be lifted by the force of the air. For this reason, now is the time to make your reservation and experience it firsthand. This is the ideal plan to experience as a couple, as a family or with your group of friends and take home a precious souvenir.

All those who have done the balloon flight activity in the area of Montserrat, bring the same feeling, that of having done something different and have recorded in their memory some sensations that they will never be able to forget. You could even go so far as to say that your baggage of interesting things to do, there is a before and an after to have ridden in a balloon. Do not think twice, this 2023 can be the year in which you make your wishes come true and discover one of the most scenic areas of the province of Barcelona.

Surprise your partner with the gift of a balloon ride over Montserrat . Something that you will take to show off and that is one of the most beautiful experiences you can live.

That sensation of being rocked by the air and moving through the Montserrat area is an experience to be shared. Do you feel like it? You’ve got it all, now get ready for the star experience of 2023.