Âme, a Mediterranean restaurant with French inspiration

Âme, a Mediterranean restaurant with French inspiration
Image courtesy of lavanguardia.com, all rights reserved.

The name Âme, which means soul in French, was consciously chosen by Lebanese culinary entrepreneurs Joey Attieh and Bolivian-born, Venezuelan-raised Pachi Rodriguez for their new restaurant in Barcelona. Although the circumflex accent on the word could easily be forgotten, they decided to keep it as a tribute to French cuisine, which is also the main inspiration for their menus.

The connection between Attieh and Rodriguez is not new; they met as students at the Sant Pol de Mar hotel school and later worked together at the renowned Moments restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental. The idea of opening a business together had been on the horizon since those days, and it materialized when Attieh introduced Middle Eastern flavors to Barcelona with Albé. Now, three years later, they take a step forward with Âme, where they have changed the influence of Lebanese cuisine for a more subtle and passionate tribute to French cuisine.

Âme, a fusion of cultures in the heart of Barcelona

Âme, located in L’Eixample, stands out for its uniqueness, combining the passion for French gastronomy with its roots in Catalonia. The space, although small, is cozy, with a stone wall dating back to the 19th century, providing an authentic atmosphere. In addition, the absence of a conventional menu adds a distinctive touch, offering diners the freedom to compose their own menu.

You should know that the menu offers a variety of options, from starters from 13 euros, to fish dishes for 24 euros and meat from 25 euros. Among the options, the delicate mushroom consommé with foie gras oil and eringui, the Japanese scallop with salsify cream and a citric air, as well as the acorn-fed Pyrenean duck magret that is matured and slow-cooked with beets, chard and its juice stand out. In addition, they have a section of Delta rice dishes, among which the caldoso de pato (duck broth) stands out.

Âme, a Mediterranean restaurant with French inspiration1
Image courtesy of lavanguardia.com, all rights reserved.

Closing with a flourish: innovative cheeses and desserts

Finally, we could not fail to tell you about the options they offer for all tastes, from cheeses from 8 euros to desserts from 9 euros and up, such as Maresme strawberries with champagne and date pudding with beurre salée caramel and tonka chantilly. For those looking for a complete experience, a tasting menu is available.

The restaurant is open during the evenings from Monday to Friday, and from January, it will also offer midday service. With Âme, Joey Attieh and Pachi Rodriguez have created a culinary space that fuses the richness of their backgrounds and professional experiences, making it one of the most exciting gastronomic novelties to close out 2023.

Address: C/ de Londres, 91, L’Eixample, 08036 Barcelona