4 ideal places for a first date in Barcelona

4 ideal places for a first date in Barcelona
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Are you planning a date and it is the first time you will see each other? Excellent! Choosing the right place for this first meeting is fundamental, since the creation of a pleasant atmosphere depends to a great extent on it. And if all goes well, that place could become a recurring memory in your relationship. Now then, don’t you know which place to visit for a first date in Barcelona? Don’t worry, here are some of the best options.

It is important to keep in mind that first dates are not all the same, although ideally they should have some similarities, especially in terms of location: not too noisy for conversation and charming but not too romantic. So take a moment to consider it, choose the idea that best suits you and throw your hat in the ring.

Are you looking for places for a first date in Barcelona? Read below!

1. Caelum: snack in ancient Jewish baths

You’re probably thinking of more than just a coffee shop. And if you take your date to Caelum, you will surely surprise her. In addition to a wide variety of teas and infusions, you will be able to enjoy handmade pastries from various cloistered convents. But what really makes this place in the Gothic Quarter special is its vaulted crypt. The rock walls, mirrors and dim lights create the perfect ambiance for a date in Barcelona. Please note that space is limited and it may be difficult to find space at certain times.

2. The Diset: everything with a glass of wine is better.

Would you like to visit a wine bar? The Diset, near Passeig del Born, is an excellent option. For a first date, you can take advantage of the more informal area of the place, with high stools, and enjoy a variety of wines from their wine list. If there is chemistry, you can continue the evening with Iberian ham and cheese platters, or their delicious glass bread toasts.

An appointment for lovers of good wine

3. Garage Beer & Co: for craft beer lovers

If you’re both beer lovers, you can’t miss Garage Beer & Co. This industrial aesthetic place offers a relaxed atmosphere, perfect to ease the nerves of a first date. The place produces and sells its own beers with attractive flavors and labels. The variety is wide, from Soup IPA to Supercombi. It is a place that attracts for its authenticity and quality.

4. Observatori Fabra: a magical and romantic touch for a first date in Barcelona.

Finally, we recommend you to think about a plan of this type in which sharing the experience of admiring the stars at the Observatori Fabra can turn the date into something magical and special. They offer guided tours that include observation of the firmament from a telescope and a visit to its dome. At the end, you can enjoy a glass of cava or juice together to add a romantic touch to the experience.