The small metal pieces on the floor of the Eixample district: what is their function?


The small metal pieces on the floor of the Eixample district: what is their function?

In the Eixample district of Barcelona, small metal pieces have been appearing on the sidewalks and pavements that are almost unnoticeable to the naked eye.

They have been observed mainly in the recently urbanized streets Consell de Cent, Borrell, Rocafort and Girona.

These discreet and simple plaques have a great purpose: to delimit the terrace spaces in these new urbanized green axes, in order to prevent misuse and maintain order in an increasingly pacified environment.

These marks, which resemble small thumbtacks with the city’s coat of arms engraved on them, have a diameter of barely more than two centimeters. Embedded in the pavement, they can be easily overlooked if you are not specifically looking for their presence.

However, its significance goes far beyond its modest size. Each of these metal pieces is intended to define the boundary of the terraces of the businesses on these streets, ensuring that the public space granted to them by license is used appropriately and responsibly.

The initiative aims not only to establish physical limits, but also to promote orderly and respectful behavior by establishments and their customers.

The small metallic pieces that mark the space in Barcelona’s Eixample district

The delimitation of the terraces by means of these small metal plates is not an isolated act, but part of a broader approach to promote harmonious coexistence in the city.

In conjunction with the plaques, the owners of the 155 terraces on these green axes have also received an information sheet describing how they should place tables and chairs in the new urban configuration.

In addition, it has been made clear that no extensions beyond the established limits will be granted.

The measure, although seemingly simple, seeks to clearly delineate the boundaries of the terraces. It is hoped that both owners and visitors will understand and respect the need to maintain order and harmony in the midst of the hectic city life.

An initiative with benefits

This initiative not only benefits business owners who comply with regulations, but also safeguards the unique essence of the city and its culture.

The terraces in the streets of Barcelona are more than simple extensions of the establishments; they are spaces for meeting, conversation and enjoyment.

As a complement to the physical delimitation, the Barcelona City Council has also announced a periodic inspection campaign.

The objective is to ensure that businesses adhere to legality and respect the guidelines established for the use of terraces. This ensures compliance with regulations and promotes responsibility and awareness among facility owners.