More than 104 years of history, faith and religion at St. Joseph’s Stampery

More than 104 years of history, faith and religion at St. Joseph's Stampery

In the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a century-old store that evokes a deep connection to history, religion and devotion. With more than 104 years of existence, St. Joseph Stamperia is a space of faith in the midst of urban turmoil.

La Estampería is a heritage that has passed from generation to generation and an emblem of the city that captivates both locals and visitors.

Behind its century-old facade lies a story of passion, resilience and spirituality.

Founded in 1919 by Luis Casals, a passionate representative of prints from Barcelona, Estampería San José has been a reference for religious articles in the city.

With his vision, he created a business that quickly became a benchmark in the industry. Traveling throughout Catalonia and Mallorca, he shared his love of prints with schools and churches, creating a bond with the community that still endures.

The legacy of Estampería San José even went through the times of the Civil War, which forced a temporary pause in its activities.

However, the business persevered and grew over the years, expanding its offerings to include not only prints, but also imagery, rosaries, postcards, pictures, angels, icons, nativity scenes and candles.

Over time the store became a spiritual refuge for those seeking connection with the divine.

Today, Francisco Casals, grandson of the founder, leads Estampería San José together with his son.

Estampería San José: a century of tradition and faith

Upon entering the store, visitors are surrounded by an amazing variety of religious figures and objects that adorn every corner. Products range from icons to liturgical candles, each with its own meaning and purpose in people’s spirituality.

A particular highlight of the store is a spiral staircase at the back of the site leading to two upper floors where liturgical vestments for priests are displayed.

The history of Estampería San José is not only the history of a business, but also of people and encounters. The store has witnessed memorable encounters with prominent personalities, from Salvador Dalí to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Centennial store adapted to the 21st century

In an increasingly connected world, Estampería San José has been able to adapt to the changes and challenges of the 21st century. With an online presence through two websites, the store has transcended geographic boundaries, bringing its legacy of faith and spirituality to people around the world.

The essence of Estampería San José goes beyond the religious objects it houses. It is a reflection of life itself, with its ups and downs, challenges and moments of inspiration.