The containers for selective collection in the Eje de Consell de Cent return

The containers for selective collection in the Eje de Consell de Cent return

Selective waste collection returns to the Eje Consell de Cent, marking a milestone in the evolution of urban sustainability in Barcelona.

During the months of September and October 2023, the selective collection containers will be gradually reintroduced in the Eje Consell de Cent, as they were removed some time ago to carry out construction work.

This process will be carried out in four phases, covering five streets in each phase with the support of a team of eight informants.

Meticulous planning and cooperation between authorities and citizens are key in this process that seeks to improve the quality of life.

Separate waste collection is essential to minimize the amount of waste going to landfills and maximize the recycling and reuse of materials.

Selective collection is reborn in the Eix de Consell de Cent

The first section to receive this renovation is located between Vilamarí and Comte Borrell streets. The objective is to install a total of 14 waste containers and 15 separate collection containers.

In addition, the organic containers that were already present in the cross streets during the works will be used, which will make it possible to recover the capacity prior to the start of the works.

This process of reintegration of selective collection has a clear focus on communication and citizen education.

The team of informants will play a key role in helping residents adapt to the changes and understand how the new services will work.

The reintroduction of selective collection in the Consell de Cent axis is not only a step towards environmental sustainability, but also towards community cohesion.

As citizens adapt to new routines and practices, an opportunity is created to foster greater environmental awareness and a commitment to responsible waste management.

Adaptation to the unique typology of this area has been a fundamental aspect in the planning of this process.

The variety of uses in the Consell de Cent axis includes areas for walking, strolling, bicycle and vehicle circulation.

Separate collection points have been placed on each stretch of street, with yellow, blue and green containers for different types of materials.

Schedules and frequencies

Plastic and metal, paper and cardboard containers will be emptied daily in the morning, while glass containers will be emptied two or three times a week.

The rest containers will be emptied daily at night and the organic containers will be emptied every other day.

The revitalization of selective collection in the Eje Consell de Cent is a step in the construction of a more sustainable city.