Badiani and its rose ice creams for Sant Jordi’s Day

Badiani and its roses ice creams for Sant Jordi's Day

Sant Jordi’s Day is an emblematic date in Barcelona, where the streets are filled with roses and books, and the city is impregnated with a magical and festive atmosphere. In this beautiful atmosphere, the Florentine ice cream parlor Badiani has decided to join the celebration with innovative proposals that capture the essence of this Catalan tradition.

To commemorate the spirit of Sant Jordi, Badiani has created a unique ice cream with a flavor that evokes the beauty and aroma of roses.

On April 23, 2024, customers visiting its stores in Rosselló, Mandri, Glòries and Sant Cugat will have the opportunity to try this exclusive limited edition creation. This ice cream, made with rose essence, promises to transport diners to a world of subtle and delicate sensations.

Sant Jordi ice cream: a tribute to Catalan tradition

In addition to the rose ice cream, Badiani is once again offering its acclaimed creation from last year: the Sant Jordi ice cream. Inspired by the legend of the patron saint of Catalonia, this ice cream combines a ‘fior di latte’ mozzarella base with an irresistible wild strawberry sauce.

The white of the cheese symbolizes the pages of a book, while the red of the fruit evokes the color of roses, fundamental elements of the Sant Jordi celebration.

Badiani not only stands out for its exquisite ice cream, but also for its generosity towards its customers. On this special occasion, the ice cream parlor will set up a gift roulette wheel at its Rosselló location, where everyone will have the chance to win guaranteed prizes.

To participate, all you need to do is follow Badiani on its social networks, demonstrating its commitment to the community and its ingenuity in marketing strategies.

Tradition and modernity: Badiani’s legacy

With a history dating back to 1932, Badiani has succeeded in fusing Italian ice cream tradition with the innovation and creativity of today’s gastronomic scene.

Its arrival in Barcelona marks a milestone in the supply of artisanal ice cream in the city, offering high quality products made with local ingredients and following the original Italian recipe.

In addition to its special creations for Sant Jordi, Badiani has introduced unique flavors that pay homage to the city of Barcelona.

The Barcelona ice cream, with its colors inspired by the Catalan flag, and the Sabor Sant Jordi, with its delicious combination of cream, chocolate and caramel, are examples of the creativity and dedication that characterize this iconic ice cream parlor.

Badiani has established itself as a benchmark in Barcelona’s ice cream scene, offering a unique experience that combines Italian tradition with the freshness and vitality of the city.

With its innovative flavors and commitment to the community, Badiani continues to delight its customers and celebrate local traditions.