We found Georgina : “Barcelona is a city that you can’t finish”.

Georgina MallafrèIt is natural that the best way to get to know a city is by the hand of those who live it every day.

Today we meet Georgina Mallafrè.

Originally from Tarragona, Georgina has been living in Barcelona for many years in the Sarrià neighborhood.

Among its many facets there is one that we love… in the city is dedicated to CONNECT people, professionals thus facilitating business opportunities, friendship and good vibes between them… Georgina is pure energy and today we want her to tell us about her Barcelona.

SPB. You are originally from Tarragona… what do you like most about Barcelona and what do you miss most about Tarragona?

GM. In Barcelona I like that there is always something new to discover…restaurant, theater, event, museum, exhibition…it’s a city that you can’t finish it.
What do I miss about Tarragona? Undoubtedly, the proximity to the sea.

SPB. What is the place in the city where you like to get lost?

GM. In Barcelona I like to get lost in different areas depending on the leitmotif of the occasion; if I walk with the dog I like to walk in the parks, for example Cervantes park offers me the colorful and fragrant roses, Oreneta park an elevated view of the city, and Quinta Amelia, a fascinating garden design.
If you walk with the intention of seeing fashion, the Santaló area and its thousand stores are inspiring.
For housewares, the Diagonal area offers the most varied selection of stores to decorate your “home”.
If what I want is to see art, I walk through the galleries in Consejo de Ciento and Rambla Cataluña.
And to get lost, really lost, I go down to the Cathedral and I mentally move to the Middle Ages and visit the Gothic Barcelona.
Each one has its charm and its moment.

SPB. What are your three favorite little-known restaurants in Barcelona?


  1. Via Granados on Enrique Granados Street
  2. Santa Gula in Narcis Ollér Square
  3. Bar del Pla, in front of San Marc Church near Princesa street.

SPB. Because of your activity we know that you participate in many events in the city. What is the most beautiful event you remember attending in the last year?

Undoubtedly the event that has moved me the most lately was the 4th Edition of the Fada Awards of the Vicki Bernadet Foundation for the prevention and support of victims of sexual abuse. Emotional and direct to the heart from minute 1 due to the sincerity of the interventions of the winners, on such a delicate subject as child sexual abuse.

SPB. You have long been dedicated to connecting people by facilitating their business development. What do you like most about your activity?

I really like the usefulness of my activity, it is practical for both parties. It is a great satisfaction for me to be able to find the person you need and are looking for.

If you had only 24 hours to spend in Barcelona, what would you do?

If I had a day in Barcelona… I would have breakfast with a sandwich of a good ham at the “Andreu” in Rambla Cataluña, then I would stroll leisurely looking at the stores of the Rambla and I would go to Paseo de Gracia, visit La Pedrera, emblematic work of the city and Gaudí and then I would have a frugal meal at the Ametller chocolate shop, inside Casa Batlló. Then I would go for a walk to Plaza Cataluña, go down the Portal del Angel to the cathedral, see its cloister that always impresses, and if it was a Thursday I would look at the flea market there and then I would get lost in its narrow streets, imagining myself in other times.after walking around there I would go to the Rambla de les Flors and go up to the Terrace of Hotel 1898 to see the magnificent view of the city at dusk, having a glass of cava.the views from there are unbeatable.the views from there are unbeatable. Once recovered, I would get lost again in the narrow streets to go to the Borne area, have dinner at the restaurant Senyor Parellada in Argenteria street and finish the night sitting in the bars in front of Santa Maria del Mar having an ice cream, an infusion or a shot, depending on the occasion.
This could be a beautiful day.

Thanks to Georgina for allowing us to conduct this interview and help us to explain our city also through your eyes. See you next time!

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