Vallvidrera reservoir

Barcelona is much more than a big city. And as soon as we leave the hectic life of the city we can find an endless number of magical places, with natural spaces with lots of charm, with corners that are also worth discovering… Today we go to the Vallvidrera reservoir.

We will head north, because it is there, north of Barcelona, in the Collserola forest, where the Vallvidrera reservoir is hidden.
It was in 1864 when this reservoir was inaugurated, today considered a true work of 19th century hydraulic engineering. And the reason for its creation was due to the intention of supplying water to the old municipality of Sarrià through the Grott Mine.

Today the reservoir is abandoned and left to nature, which has covered it with lush vegetation. Some signs installed there indicate each of the plant species that have grown naturally in the swamp.

To enjoy a quiet day away from the stress and chaotic pace of the city, a visit to the Vallvidrera reservoir is a great option.

How to get to the Vallvidrera reservoir:

You can get to the reservoir from several places, although perhaps the best option is to take the train to Terrasa or Sabadell and stay at the Baxiador de Valvidrera. On the other side of the road is the ‘Camí del pantà’. From there the signs on the road lead easily to the reservoir.