Urban art between walls

Urban art between walls

Local talent showing their spectacular works of urban art between walls, is what you will be able to appreciate until January 2021 at the B-Murals center in Barcelona. Since mid-November, an exhibition called “B-Local” has been on display there, bringing together magnificent urban works created during the time of confinement.

While urban art takes shape in outdoor spaces, these brilliant artists in the midst of the pandemic’s restrictions took on the task of creating in their studios or homes, while the world was at a standstill. It is a challenge to make urban art within the walls.

The works are on display by means of a still photo. They are open thematic and show the vision of about eighty artists from Barcelona or residents of the city.

Admiration for urban art between walls

In its first three days of exhibition alone (during one weekend), B-Local was attended by around 1,200 people.

Ana Manaia and Xavier Ballaz, creators of the B-Murals initiative, indicated that this initiative arose from the desire to create a space for dialogue between urban artists and the Administration, conversations that had not been very productive so far.

The novelty is that this exhibition is born from the experiences lived in confinement when the authors experimented with new techniques, new limits. “It was a look beyond its borders,” says Ana Manaia.

Although B-Murals is not a commercial gallery, it is a good space for the diffusion of these works, which are for sale at the price set by each artist.

Most of the exhibitors are graffiti artists, muralists or abstract painting artists, who need to generate income in order to become professionals. They usually do so at festivals, in galleries, on the street or through gallery owners who sell their works.

Expression in the midst of confinement

The urban art between walls at B-Local is an attempt to join forces in a sector hard hit by the current health and economic crisis. It is an exhibition that expresses the experiences of confinement embodied in culture, in art.

It is a space for which the curators spoke with representative artists of the city for this event and, incidentally, to identify new talents. The chosen artists, many of whom are women, have great artistic talent and use different techniques as an expression of urban art.

Although the exhibitors are mostly Catalans, some of them live abroad and others are foreigners. Among them, the Argentinean artist Zosen, who paints with his left hand, and the French artist Perrine Horoné, who captured the protagonism of the toilet and the kitchen in the middle of a confinement.

B-Local will be on display from Friday, November 13, 2020 through Saturday, January 23, 2021.

Address: 1 Carrer Ferran TurnéBarcelona, CT, 08027.

Information: https://www.bmurals.com/all-events/b-local-exposicin-colectiva


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