Tibidabo has a new free-fall attraction

Tibidabo has a new free-fall attraction

The emblematic Tibidabo amusement park, located in the heights of Barcelona, is preparing to welcome spring with an exciting novelty: a free-fall attraction that promises to offer visitors a unique and vertiginous experience.

With an impressive height of 52 meters and a capacity of 24 people per ride, this new attraction promises to be one of the main stars of the park.

From the top of the tower, the brave adventurers will have the opportunity to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city of Barcelona, located 500 meters above sea level.

Although an official opening date has not yet been announced, this exciting attraction is expected to be ready to welcome visitors this spring.

Strategically located at the top of Tibidabo, the tower of the new attraction will offer those brave enough to climb it unparalleled views of Barcelona, illuminated with LED lights to add a touch of spectacularity to the experience.

The new free fall attraction

The construction of this new attraction has been quite a challenge, with a cost of 2.4 million euros and an installation process that is currently underway.

Once completed, the main tower will be harmoniously integrated into the park’s design, illuminated by LED lights that will make it a focal point both day and night.

But the free fall attraction is not the only novelty that Tibidabo has prepared for this season. The park has also renovated its observation decks, offering visitors new and exciting perspectives of the city.

In addition, it has announced the opening of a new educational space in collaboration with Lego, designed to encourage scientific vocations among young people. The educational space is called Sala Lego, which will offer a program dedicated to promoting scientific vocations among young people.

Inspired by the arrival of human beings to the moon, this space will have didactic materials so that children can interact with the world of robotics in a fun and educational way.

As for the shows, Tibidabo has prepared a diverse and exciting program for the whole family.

And as part of its commitment to social responsibility, the park will also launch new solidarity campaigns, inviting schools to participate in actions to improve the world through the educational project “Tu també pots”.

Tibidabo: new attractions and surprises

In addition, the park has renamed its floors, which will now be called Panoramic Area, Dreams, 666, Xerinola and Adventures. Each of these areas will offer unique and exciting experiences for visitors, from new horror offerings at Hotel 666 to stereoscopic image exhibits at Mirador Somnis.