In memory of Salvador Puig Antich, new mural by Roc Blackblock

In memory of Salvador Puig Antich, new mural by Roc Blackblock

On March 2, the fiftieth anniversary of the execution of Salvador Puig Antich in La Model prison was commemorated.

To commemorate this historic event, graffiti artist Roc Blackblock created a mural in homage to Puig Antich, which was unveiled on March 3 at an event that featured a variety of activities.

The artwork, inspired by a photograph of Puig Antich, is located in La Pastora square, located in the Vallcarca neighborhood.

This community space, known for its resistance to gentrification, provides the perfect backdrop for this tribute, which not only celebrates the life and struggle of Puig Antich, but also denounces the crime committed against him by the Franco regime.

Mural in memory of Salvador Puig Antich

The Blackblock mural is just one of many activities planned to commemorate the life and legacy of Puig Antich. From meetings to talks, concerts and art exhibits, the community comes together to bring the memory of Puig Antich to the streets and remember his important role in Barcelona’s history.

Roc Blackblock, with more than twenty years dedicated to urban art, is known for his revolutionary and denouncing approach in his works.

With more than 50 pieces in his career, including murals about the International Brigades and demonstrations in support of social causes, Blackblock continues to use his art as a way to express resistance and solidarity.

Puig Antich’s mural is not only a tribute to an individual, but also to a legacy of struggle for freedom and justice. At a time when historical memory is more important than ever, Barcelona comes together to remember those who gave their lives in the struggle against oppression and injustice.

Over the next few days, Barcelona will witness a series of events and acts in honor of Puig Antich, which will address his political and social legacy, as well as his significance in the fight against fascism and Franco’s dictatorship.

This tribute is a reminder of the importance of historical memory.

Blackblock’s track record

Roc Blackblock, with a background of over twenty years in urban art, has dedicated his career to the expression of protest and resistance through graffiti.

This new mural, which is part of a series of activities organized by the anti-capitalist, anarchist and autonomous movement of Barcelona, seeks to keep alive the memory of Puig Antich and his legacy of struggle for freedom and justice.

The Roc Blackblock mural is a symbol of resistance and a reminder that the struggle for freedom must never be forgotten.