Early 20th century kiosk in Font d’en Fargues is rescued to be converted into a bar

  Early 20th century kiosk in Font d'en Fargues is rescued to be converted into a bar

Barcelona has recovered another hidden gem to add to its cultural legacy. This is the early twentieth century kiosk located in the emblematic space of the Font d’en Fargues, whose restoration and transformation into a bar has been the focus of a recovery project carried out by the City Council.

This kiosk, designed by architect Roc Cot, had remained for years in a state of neglect, boarded up and deteriorated.

However, thanks to the restoration work begun just over a year ago, the place has come back to life, recovering its original splendor and returning it to the service of the community.

Early twentieth century kiosk in Font d’en Fargues is rescued

The restoration of the kiosk has been a meticulous process, guided by old photographs that have allowed a faithful reconstruction of its original details.

Elements such as the brittle ceramic roof with varied motifs and colors have been restored, thus preserving the essence and charm of the era in which it was built.

However, the recovery of the kiosk is only part of a larger project to revitalize the public space of the Font d’en Fargues. In addition to the kiosk, the old bottling plant, the fountain and the grotto, as well as the exterior retaining wall, have also been restored and adapted for new uses.

The Font d’en Fargues, now redeveloped and accessible, has reopened as a meeting and recreational space for the local community.

Improved accessibility to the surrounding gardens has helped to turn this environment into a welcoming place for rest and play, thus rescuing its historical and cultural value for present and future generations.

Games, music and vermouth at the opening event

The inauguration of the new space last Saturday, February 24, was an eventful occasion, marked by a series of activities celebrating the reopening of the site.

From the opening of a children’s play area to musical performances and a closing vermouth, the event brought together neighbors and local authorities in a festive and celebratory atmosphere.

The presence of prominent personalities, including Mayor Jaume Collboni, underlined the importance and value of this urban heritage recovery project.

Thanks to old photographs and an exhaustive historical study, the technicians achieved a faithful and accurate recovery, ensuring that the kiosk regains its original splendor and can once again function as a lively bar in a few months.

The restoration of the kiosk and the revitalization of the Font d’en Fargues public space are an eloquent example of Barcelona’s commitment to the preservation of its historical and cultural heritage.