Barcelona pioneers the use of water to combat drought

Barcelona pioneers the use of water to combat drought

The city of Barcelona is at the forefront of the fight against drought with an innovative measure: using the water used in showers to flush toilets.

This initiative, which is part of a new municipal ordinance, is aimed primarily at conserving water resources at a time of water shortage emergency in the region.

The ordinance, which is expected to be approved by the end of this year, comes in response to the declaration of emergency due to lack of water in Barcelona and 202 surrounding municipalities, a situation that has persisted since last month and requires urgent and effective measures.

The plan consists of collecting and treating the water used in daily activities, such as bathing or showering, and then reusing it in the toilets, thus reducing drinking water consumption by up to 30%.

Barcelona is a pioneer in the use of water

The Barcelona City Council has announced the start of the procedures to implement this ordinance, which will be applied in new buildings and major renovations.

It is estimated that the graywater system will not only promote a more efficient use of water, but will also generate significant economic savings for households.

According to official estimates, a four-person household could save up to 90 euros per year in a 16-story building, and up to 170 euros per year in a 50-story building.

To ensure the effectiveness and citizen participation in this process, a participatory process will be carried out during the months of March and April.

A monitoring commission, composed of various entities and experts in the field, will collaborate in the development of the text of the ordinance, ensuring that the best available practices and solutions are included.

In addition, citizens in general are invited to participate through an online survey, which will be available starting March 6 on the platform.

Initiative to address climate emergency

This initiative is part of Barcelona’s broader commitment to address the challenges of the climate emergency and become a more sustainable and resilient city.

By using water more efficiently, the city not only helps preserve natural resources, but also sets an important precedent for other cities facing similar water scarcity issues.

The use of water for toilet flushing represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and conscious future in Barcelona.

With a combination of innovation, citizen participation and commitment to the environment, the city is paving the way for more responsible water use and greater resilience in the face of looming climate challenges that are already causing water supply difficulties.