The feminist bookstore Pròleg closes its doors, but looks for another space

La librería feminista Pròleg cierra sus puertas, aunque busca otro espacio

The first feminist bookstore Pròleg in Barcelona, closes its doors after having to leave the premises in Sant Pere Més Alt street where it has been operating for more than 31 years and look for another space in the city.

After all these years of being open to the public, they had to leave the large premises in the Borne without knowing where to move to.

The main reason is that the new owners are claiming the premises for themselves and have not shown any interest in renewing the lease.

What is very clear is that the owners of the bookstore want to ensure that it can continue. That is why they are leaving the project for sale or lease.

The future of the feminist bookshop Pròleg

They assure that this closure is only a parenthesis, since so far the rental contract has not been renewed and they have not found another place that is suitable in economic conditions and space, so that it can continue.

The owners also explained that “not only a space is needed, but also a leader who innovates and can turn it around”.

The bookstore was opened in 1991 in the Catalan capital by a group of feminist women. Its specialty is literature made by women and it had been located in this Ciutat Vella location since 2009.

Now and despite this drawback, the project wants to continue to be part of the cultural map of the city and feminism, but in another new structure, another location and with renewed energy.

For this reason, the project was made available for sale or transfer so that when it reopens it will do so with innovation and other formats.

In fact, the owners state that the bookstore needs financing, as well as women with desire and commitment to reactivate a new stage.

They also indicate that a team or patronage with feasible proposals is needed to continue.

And what to do for now?

They say that the next step is to find a place to store the furniture and books before February 28. This will make it more practical to be able to manage the search for a new location at the same time.

They never thought that finding a new site would be so costly and so difficult.

They indicate that they have received some proposals for a lease, but nothing has been finalized yet. It has not been easy to obtain either the financing or the premises, they explained.

For the time being, the entire collection of books is stored in a warehouse while awaiting a location. However, while the situation is being defined, Pròleg will continue to sell on

The feminist bookshop Pròleg has always been an icon of the feminist movement in Barcelona and hopes to resume its work with new airs and proposals for the public interested in this type of literature.