The best markets in Barcelona

We visit the best markets in Barcelona

We are convinced that markets, in any city, are a wonderful way to get to know the place, its people, culture, customs and way of life.

And in Barcelona, it was not going to be less…

best markets barcelona

In Barcelona we have many markets, so much so that we can find one in practically every neighborhood; and all of them have a social function. It is true that the current pace of the world has led us to lose more and more the habit of going and doing our shopping at the market. But it is also true that a type of purchase is beginning to be promoted that pushes us back towards them. We are not going to deny it, we love the markets of our city, we enjoy the walks, the shopping, the products and the chats we have there with acquaintances, neighbors and also strangers.

It is not easy to choose, each market has its own charm, some particularity that makes it special. But we have made the effort to select our favorites. And these are:

La Concepción Market

In addition to an extensive food offer, you will find activities for all ages. It has the charm of a market that aims to recover that custom of being the meeting point where people meet and share.

Santa Caterina Market

This market has been a testimony to the history of the city. The market building has been rehabilitated not only with the aim of preserving the market, but also with the intention of revitalizing the environment as a whole.

La Boqueria

Among the best markets Barcelona could not miss the. It is a paradise for the senses. Wake them up with the smells and colors that this market awaits. A multitude of sensations that make their way through the bustling comings and goings of people who strive in the good trade of buying and selling.

El Mercat Galvany

The construction of this market located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood began in 1868. You can see more about the Mercat Galvany in this post.