Tamae, ideal for eating a japanese burger

Tamae, ideal for eating a japanese burger

At Tamae you find it all: a fabulous hybrid restaurant for take-out, delivery or to eat on-site at an eight-seat Asian bar. Its star dish, the “japo burger”.

The owners consider the place as an “open Asian kitchen” in Barcelona, since in the back of the restaurant you can see the cooks working without being hidden and without any barrier. Always in full view of the diners.

At Tamae you will be able to taste the most delicious Asian dishes accompanied by refreshing drinks. Beers, wine and freshly brewed sake. Variety and delicacies at an average price per dish of 30 euros, not including wine.

Meet Tamae’s famous “japo burger”.

It is a mouthful of flavor where different cultures come together, giving a unique and special touch to the minced meat. In Tamae you can enjoy the original recipe, very soft and delicious.

Everything is served in boxes, as there is no tableware. Surely to be in tune with the restaurant’s successful delibery model. The novelty is that the boxes are biodegradable because they are made from sugar cane.

We tell you about the contents of the box you receive at home with the japo burger: 125 grams of minced veal with approximately 20% of the white fat that surrounds the kidney of the veal.

This fat makes the meat that goes inside the bread roll kneaded and made in the restaurant somewhat mellow.

It also has cucumber with “shiso” and “tonkatsu” sauce with homemade tomato sauce. A pure flavor with hints of soy and ginger. The truth is that you better try it because describing the delight is not easy.

The pandemic strengthened Goxo-style home deliveries of Tamae.

Other delicious dishes in Tamae

Besides the star of the house, the japanese burger, you can also try other dishes.

The famous “bao”, prepared in Tamae integrates onion, fried chicken egg, soy, honey, sirloin tartar with “kimchi” and tempura crumbs (“tenkausu”).

Another dish is “kimchi” with apple, parmesan, lime and toasted almonds.

What to say about the delicious “battered hake” with curry mayonnaise as a spread.

You can also eat the “nigiris”, especially with rice variety “koshihikari”. Initially it was XL size, but they decided to remove it because the diners split it in two to be able to eat it in two bites.

The menu offers more options such as tuna belly with “wasabi” and avocado. Or salmon with roe and smoked miso.

Although “hako sushi” is not as popular, it is the oldest and most original. It is served pressed and in wooden boxes.


the best place to try one japo burger, enjoy a good atmosphere and taste asian cuisine.

Carrer de Casanova, 262, 08021