Sunbathing, but not on the beach

The city of Barcelona has 7 beaches that are, without a doubt, one of its great attractions. And when the good weather arrives, many are those who make the city beaches their favorite place to disconnect and relax. However, there are tastes for everything; and there are also those who are not beach lovers. For them, for those who prefer to avoid the sand and sea water and for those who -although they enjoy the beach- are looking for new alternatives, we propose today some ideas that will allow them to relax lying in the sun without having to endure the uncomfortable sand that sticks to the body.

  • Ciutadella Park
    The park is large and has many landscaped areas. That is why it is an ideal place to lie in the sun or to relax under the shade of any tree. In addition, the park offers a wide range of activities: cycling, relaxing in one of the little boats on the pond, sitting and chatting or reading, playing sports, etc.
  • Parc del Fòrum
    Banys Fòrum’ is a public bathing area where you can enjoy the sun and the sea without the discomfort of being on the sand. It is a natural pool. It is also an area with a wide range of services that make a relaxing time in the sun a comfortable and satisfactory experience: hammocks, umbrellas, toilets, showers, bicycle storage areas, restaurants, etc.
  • Hotel terraces
    Maybe you didn’t know, but the terraces of the hotels in Barcelona are open to the public, so you can enjoy their facilities without staying at the hotel.