Sala Montjuic, to enjoy open-air movies

Outdoor activities in Barcelona, with the arrival of summer and good weather, are increasing. And one of the most attractive options is to enjoy the open-air cinema; an activity that, since the end of June, can be performed in the castle of Montjuic.

What is Sala Montjuic?

Sala Montjuic is a film festival that is organized every year in summer, on the hill of Montjuic. From up there you can enjoy an open and relaxed atmosphere that allows you to observe the fast pace of the city from afar and with spectacular views. The atmosphere and environment is important, of course; however, this is a film festival and the real protagonist is the seventh art.

During the festival, a selection of the best films of all time is projected on a giant screen. And all movies are played in the original version (subtitles are shown in those that are not in Spanish). Films of all genres are played.

This cultural option that can be enjoyed in Barcelona every summer is not just a mere reproduction of movies, nothing like that. In addition, each evening, before the beginning of the film, short films or small concerts are shown.

We recommend that you don’t forget to bring a blanket. Sometimes, when the sun goes down, it cools down quite a bit. Many are those who also bring their own picnic, but if you do not want to be carrying a lot of things, there are several stands where you can buy nachos, soft drinks and other things for a snack. You can even rent a hammock (for about 3 euros) from which you can enjoy the movie comfortably.

Can you think of a better plan to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife?