Project Lobster and its new stainless steel tent to revolutionize opticians’ stores

Project Lobster and its new stainless steel tent to revolutionize opticians' stores

Project Lobster, the renowned designer eyewear brand, has opened its fourth store in Barcelona, this time at 330 Muntaner Street, in the Sant Gervasi district, with stainless steel and five-meter ceilings.

This new establishment is presented as a cutting-edge space that goes beyond being simply an optical store, becoming a discreet luxury environment dedicated to vision.

Oscar Valledor, the creator of Project Lobster, expresses his desire to go beyond the traditional image of opticians’ shops: “We are tired of opticians’ shops looking like pharmacies, we want to go beyond”.

The firm seeks to create an environment that revolves around “discreet luxury”, offering customers a unique experience in their choice of eyewear.

Innovation and style in every detail at Project Lobster

The new space, located in what was once the historic Sitjar fruit shop, has been designed by the studio El Departamento. Preserving the historical richness of the premises, the design is presented in a minimalist style where stainless steel and neutral colors are the protagonists.

The ceilings of more than 5 meters and the large windows are integrated into the aesthetics, enhancing the presentation of almost a hundred different eyewear models.

What sets Project Lobster apart from other opticians is its innovative approach to eyewear presentation.

Contrary to the conventional practice of keeping the glasses in boxes or tied up as a precaution, here the models are on display so that customers can freely try on those that appeal to them. This change aims to offer a more personalized and accessible shopping experience.

In addition to the exhibition area, the space houses an area dedicated to visual examinations. In keeping with the overall aesthetics of the store, this testing space blends in harmoniously, breaking with the traditional perception of eye review spaces.

Successful expansion and vision for the future

Founded in 2018, the Barcelona-based firm has experienced rapid growth and already has seven physical stores in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

The new opening in Sant Gervasi joins the already established locations in Gràcia, Eixample and Born, consolidating Project Lobster’s presence in the optical scene of Barcelona.

The firm plans to continue to innovate in its offerings, seeking to offer customers a unique experience that is far from the conventional standards of the sector.

Project Lobster continues to set the standard in the optical world with its youthful, contemporary designs.

The opening of the new space in Sant Gervasi is a further step in its commitment to offer more than just eyewear: a visual universe that combines the elegance of design with the convenience of accessibility.