Play La Purga this Saturday in Poble Espanyol

Play La Purga this Saturday in Poble Espanyol

For the second consecutive year, World Real Games brings pure adrenaline to Barcelona. If you are brave and willing to play with your darkest desires and instincts, you can’t miss the Purge this Saturday at Poble Espanyol.

In the purge, “no consequences” and “anything goes” work, so you must have guts to survive. Do you support this brutal tradition or are you definitely against it? Whether you think one way or the other, during this game night you will be a potential victim of unscrupulous madmen letting off steam on purge night. The best thing to do is not to trust anyone, or maybe you prefer to help other citizens or better, not to allow the purgers to catch you.

La Purga this Saturday in Poble Espanyol

The setting of the game is as follows: the shelter of Barcelona is the architectural museum of Poble Espanyol. That night its facilities become a safe and impenetrable fortress where all participants take refuge to spend the worst night of the year. Of course, in a familiar, safe and pleasant environment, unless those who take refuge there give free rein to their instincts.

According to the movie saga of The Purge, one night every year, any murder and crime is legal. All because it is believed that by removing all the violence and anger, the rest of the year society will live in better conditions.

Something about the game…

If you enter the game you will never be eliminated, you will only be penalized in time and separated from your family, friends or group mates. You will have access to Twitter to call for help and medical attention and you will also have a novel “wound” system.

Following the thread of the story, participants can choose to support the wild tradition, or reject it. The game consists of dodging the armed groups that want to hunt you down, while convincing the others to support or repeal the purge law. All this is following the script of the third film of the saga.

Interestingly, the organizers say that almost all players choose the pro-purge side. The event also serves to train business leaders and analyze the reactions of the company’s team of collaborators within the game.

The event is only for those over 15 years of age and minors must have written authorization from a parent or legal guardian and a photocopy of the minor’s ID card. You will enter and be with a responsible adult at all times.

Remember: the Purge this Saturday at Poble Espanyol (October 19, 2019) from 21h to 3h. Ticket price from 39,90€.

More information and ticket sales:

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