Nobook is born, the first haute street food restaurant in Barcelona

Nobook: a new restaurant concept

Gastronomy lovers, a new concept arrives in Barcelona, a restaurant that is breaking new ground in cuisine, dining room, interior design and cocktails, Nobook(no reservations).

Iker Erauzkin and Anna Yébenes are the owners and managers behind this project that offers a tasty, special and unique gastronomic experience in Barcelona.

Nobook restaurant

A few days ago we have been in this unique space. And if something has become clear to us is that if you are looking for something traditional, this is not your corner. Nobook is not a conventional place, nor a typical restaurant. It is a live showcooking with an eclectic and surprising menu that combines bits and pieces of popular cuisine from around the world. Nobook is a festival of flavors and sensations; a space designed to live a unique experience.

Iker Erauzkin (chef) and Anna Yébenes (of the gastronomic space UMA, where you can only dine by reservation), are the owners and managers behind this project. The experience of both and the desire to innovate in the sector gave rise to Nobook, starting from the idea of creating a different and creative concept; a concept without reservations, hence the name, and a surprising proposal.

What will you find in Nobook?

Nobook haute cuisine restaurant in BarcelonaStreetfood from around the world reinterpreted. Plating without a plate; yes, as you read, plating without a plate! A paradise for cocktail lovers. Chefs who put the finishing touch to the dish in front of the din…
All this thanks to an international team led by Mariano Citterio.

But none of this would be the same if it did not take place in an environment especially well cared for and adapted to the concept devised by its owners. And, of course, the place couldn’t be conventional or look like anything else….
The kitchen, totally in view of the public and orange in color, and the staff, who in addition to the excellent treatment and good work, are striking for the orange overalls they wear in combination with the kitchen.

16 dishes, 12 countries, a thousand flavors

Nobook restaurant barcelonaDiscovering Nobook’ s menu is like taking a trip through twelve different countries…

Iker Erauzkin (chef, consultant, advisor and author of a dozen cookbooks) does not like limits, nor limitations. Why do without the flavors of the world and restrict his cuisine to Mediterranean products when he can expand the range of flavors and the gastronomic experience?

Variety is the key. And from this conviction he elaborates his proposal of popular dishes from a dozen countries reinterpreted.

Nobook allows us to travel to the streets of Lima, Taiwan or Mexico through the typical flavors found in their streets. Reinvent Tso Chiken, the most consumed Chinese dish in the United States that you will never find in Beijing. Fish&Chips, potato and onion omelette with octopus and Kalbi cream or their Huevos estrellados with braised chistorra sausage, kimchi, parsley and fine herbs, are some of the dishes that represent Europe. The wild fish Cebiche represents Latin America… and so on up to 16 amazing dishes.

Nobook charming restaurant barcelonaAh! And dish number 16 is called “Abrakadabra”. This is a weekly exercise in creativity. Each member of the team (with members from Peru, India, Chile, etc.) proposes a new creation that fits Nobook’s philosophy. The most popular one is included in the menu, with options to stay…

What about dessert, you may be wondering….
But we have already said several times that in Nobook, nothing is as conventional and for the moment, you won’t find desserts. However, for those of you with a sweet tooth, don’t rule out this detail because the team is already racking its brains thinking of proposals… What you can be very clear about is that you will not find here coulants, tiramisus and dishes that you can find anywhere else.

And to drink, a cocktail?

Winelovers, yes, you will find some exquisite wines here. Also if you love beer you will find proposals… and even champagne. However, the king in Nobook is the cocktail.

notebook restaurant barcelona with charm


The intention is that your dinner is accompanied by one of the spectacular cocktails signed by Andreu Estríngana with which it counts its menu. This is one of the main reasons why Nobook’s menu is elaborated from the combination of flavors and techniques of haute cuisine.

The best and most fascinating thing is that, although the menu itself suggests the best combinations, the bartender himself, as sommelier, recommends the best pairings table by table according to the chosen dishes.

notebook experienceThe Nobook experience

Entering Nobook leaves no one indifferent, because it is unlike anything else. Architect Mohammed Adib designed its industrial look, its all-orange kitchen, open to the living room, its metal tables on rails, its lamps and chairs with recycled materials. A mix between classic and modern, looking for the stridency and contrast between stone walls and orange surfaces. The choice of color was not improvised: orange is an energetic color that calls the brain to feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth and also whets the appetite.

A casual place, without tablecloths or glitter, but comfortable and…different! A casual and transgressor space, a live showcooking, with music, where to dine and have fun. This is Nobook, haute cuisine without silverware and born in the streets of half the world.

Where is Nobook?

Nobook (C/Provença 310 bis, Barcelona)

Schedule: Monday to Thursday from 18:00-01h00h.

Fridays and Saturdays from 13:30-15:30 and from 19h00-02h00.

Closed on Sundays.

Diners: 70 pax Average ticket: 35€.