Gastronomic tasting at the restaurant Pasa Tapas

Last October we told you in this post about our experience in Sibarits Restaurant, from Restaurant Grup. A few weeks ago, we repeated the experience in another of their restaurants, the Pasa Tapas Restaurant…

Gastronomic tasting at the restaurant Pasa Tapas

After the success of the gastronomic tasting a few months ago in Sibarits, again we receive an invitation and a new call from Restaurant Grup; this time the appointment is in the Restaurant Pasa Tapas. You already know that before recommending you any plan in Barcelona, if possible, we try it before… So we were not going to miss the opportunity to tell you about this establishment in first person. And there we were…

tapas pass

Restaurant Grup acquired this location in May 2015. And from that moment the work has been incessant in order to turn it into what it is today, a place true to its name that offers a wide variety of tapas reference in terms of product quality and offer.

The bar had been set high after our experience at Sibarits, but far from disappointing, we can say that it has been a real discovery. If to its varied and exquisite tapas offer we add its privileged location in Barceloneta, Pasa Tapas becomes a perfect option to enjoy with family or friends.


Where is the restaurant Pasa Tapas?

Dr. Aigüader St., 6-8