Maternasis: gestation with irony until September 25 at the MNAC

Maternasis: gestation with irony until September 25 at the MNAC

The exhibition “Maternasis” will be open until September 25, 2022 at the National Art Museum of Catalonia, MNAC.

Maternasis takes its name from a book published in 1967 by the artist Núria Pompeia (1931-2016). In her book the author describes the gestation process with great irony, but also from the most absolute solitude with a touch of objectivity.

The exhibition also includes works by Roser Bru (1923-2021), Mari Chordà (1942), Parvine Curie (1936) and Núria Pompeia, related to the political and vital dimension of pregnancy. It exalts the loneliness of women in a political and social environment.

The works of these creators revolve around intimate issues that are very specific to women, such as pregnancy and motherhood. considering that it ishese two stages, so unique to women, have a deep, mysterious and social dimension.

“Maternosis”: reflection on pregnancy

The exhibition seeks to invite viewers to reflect on what the experience of pregnancy means and what women have been deprived of throughout history.

The exhibition is curated by Àlex Mitrani and was organized with the aim of incorporating the work of women artists to build the museum’s Postwar and Second Vanguard Art collection. It is the reflection of a key stage of motherhood that intimately concerns women and has a mysterious and profound social dimension.

To be more precise, in Pompeia’s work, pregnancy takes on an entirely political dimension. On the other hand, the pieces by Chordà, Bru and Curie reflect a physical and vital dimension.

The integration of these visions integrates what is presented in Maternasis: pregnancy and motherhood from multiple perspectives.

Other events around the exhibition

Although some poetry readings, dialogues and other activities have already taken place around the exhibition, next September 13 at 6.30 pm, the writer and painter Paula Bonet, together with the curator, bookseller and editor Amanda Cuesta and the physician specializing in gender medicine Carme Valls, will reflect on the theme “Pregnancy and violence”.

National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona


4 €, value that includes the visit to the modern art rooms II.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10h to 20h.

Sunday and holidays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

At the Museum in room 81 bis of Art Modern, you will be able to appreciate the works of these women artists.

Please note that admission to the museum is free on Saturdays from 3 p.m., the first Sunday of the month and on open days.

You can buy a maximum of 9 tickets. From 10 onwards will be considered as a group. Discount applies.


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