Juanma Romero “My Barcelona is Powerful, Blue, Beautiful, My home”.

Juanma Romero, one of the most beloved voices of Spanish radio.

Juanma joins us every weekend in the mornings of the program “
¿Me Pones?

Juanma Romero Europa FM

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SPB. Originally from Barcelona, graduated in geography, geographer, meteorologist, lover of photography, playmobil, nature, animals, travel, one of the most beloved voices in Europe FM …. what a resume… What are we missing from you that few know?

JR. That I was a ladder president (seriously). Well, there is also another fact; I would never in my life have imagined that I would end up working in the media because I am much more shy and introverted than people think.
I’m very jealous of my privacy, although in Me Pones I often talk about different aspects of my life.

SPB. You have been presenting “Me Pones” on Europa FM on Saturday and Sunday mornings for many years. What do you enjoy most about your job?

JR. People. I always say that I don’t treat the people who listen to me as mere listeners, I treat them the same way I treat my friends. For me, people are more important than audience figures, which is what moves the market. It’s amazing how much I love the people who listen to Me Pones. I am very fortunate.

Juanma Romero Europa FM

profile picture instagram@juanmaromero

SPB. You have presented many musical events in Barcelona (and not only) What is the festival you like the most?

JR. Yes, I have been to events all over the country. It is always nice to present in Barcelona, my hometown, although I keep good memories of several visits to Madrid or Malaga, where I still hallucinate with the pull we have, and there is one that left me speechless, a Europa FM concert with Antonio Orozco in the Pilar festivities. I got on stage, the Plaza del Pilar was packed and I started to ‘play’ with the audience, interacting with them and animating the moments before the concert. More than 100,000 people!!!! It was amazing, really.

Juanma Romero Europa FM Pilar 2016

Pilar 2016

profile photo instagram@juanmaromero

What is your favorite place in Barcelona to escape to whenever you have the chance?

I have always liked Maremagnum. It is a place full of tourists but if you choose the right time and place, it can be a small oasis of peace and tranquility.
Well okay, there’s another one: The Breakwater. In capital letters.
Watching the sunset from there is magical.

SPB. We know you have a beautiful puppy, Tropi (who by the way is already at 3000 followers on instagram @srtropi ). Do you consider Barcelona a Pet Friendly city compared to other European cities you know?

JR. Yes it is, as a general rule. Fortunately, there are more and more pet friendly venues everywhere.

profile picture instagram@juanmaromero

In Barcelona I have only had problems on one occasion when I was not allowed to be with Tropi on the terrace of a restaurant. There was no sign prohibiting dogs and he was even in his carrier (being a 1.5kg dog, imagine how big the carrier could be). The fact is that they denied me the possibility of eating there although, I insist, it was a terrace inside a shopping center where you could go with pets, and the prohibition was not signposted. To top it off, they told me in a very disrespectful way.
Still, I prefer not to say the name of the restaurant chain because I’m classier than they are.

SPB. We know that you love photography and that you have a photo blog 5jotas ( jjjjjj.es ) What is the area of Barcelona that you like to photograph the most?

It’s been a long time since I updated the blog because that space has been taken up by
my instagram
. In both cases, what I photograph most is the center of Barcelona, on the one hand, because I am in love with the city, and on the other hand, because of its proximity to the radio.

profile picture instagram@juanmaromero

SPB. What is your favorite restaurant that may not appear in the tourist guides but that you recommend the most to your friends when they come to visit Barcelona?

JR. Years ago I would have answered that Bar Halcón, the bar run by my grandparents in Nou Barris, where I grew up, and later run by my uncle (and where I worked several months of the year).
It was transferred years ago and although it keeps the name, it has nothing to do with it.
I keep those bars/restaurants that continue to resist the onslaught of tourism and maintain a personality of their own.

SPB. The best little town in Catalonia to escape to on a Sunday?
JR. Impossible to choose one. Besalú, Cadaqués, Tossa, Puigcerdà, Rupit, Alp, Sort, Sitges, Castellfollit de la Roca, Garraf, l’Aldea, Montblanc…

SPB For you Barcelona es….
-My home.

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