Gracia’s Main Festival 2014

Gracia’s Main Festival

From August 15 to 21, Barcelona revolves around the Festa Major de Gràcia 2014. A festival that little by little is becoming bigger and bigger and that every year is gaining interest at the tourist level.

Gracia's Main Festival

In this 2014 edition, the festival will add the Plaza de les Dones and recover the cale Providència, in addition to many other spaces decorated as the occasion deserves, as Carla Carbonell, president of the Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia, said in a press conference.

Video by Sacha

Carla Carbonell also reported that this year security measures will be increased and diptychs have been prepared in Catalan and English, thinking precisely in the increasing number of tourists attending the festival, which will be distributed in Gràcia during the day of the celebration in order to disseminate and publicize the values of this unique festival.

This year there will be sound limiters that will control the volume of the more than 100 scheduled performances with the aim of minimizing as much as possible the inconvenience to the neighbors of the neighborhood.

Also noteworthy in this edition of the festival will incorporate the Garden of the Incarnation, where the platform Salvem el Jardí offer multiple activities.

Mobile App

For those of you who still don’t know: the Festa Major de Gràcia has its own mobile app.
This edition, the app undergoes some changes and improvements that include the use of a Google Maps map that will allow users to schedule alerts to remind them of the performances and events they want to see.

In addition, the organization will again this year install QR codes in the information points located in all the streets and squares decorated to access by smartphone to the website of the Fiesta Mayor Foundation and the program of events.

Gracia's Main Festival

The 2014 poster

The poster of the Festa Major de Gràcia 2014 is the work of Natalia Vallés. A design that aims to reinforce the intention and strategy of the organization to enhance the daytime side of the program of events of the festival.
The work of Natalia Vallés was chosen through the 21st contest of the poster of the Festa Major de Gràcia 2014.

The town crier

The former president of the Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia, Ricard Estruch, has been chosen by the foundation and the district council to give the proclamation for his commitment to the festival.

If you are in Barcelona, whether you live here or you are passing through, check the festival program and make room in your agenda to enjoy the acts, events and activities that most interest you because it is an experience worth enjoying. And if you’re not in Barcelona, what better excuse for a short break?

What better way to come to Barcelona than to be able to enjoy first-hand a party that combines fun and culture?

See you in Grácia! ;)