Experimental electronic music at the Apolo hall, this friday

Experimental electronic music at the Apolo hall, this friday

This Friday, October 25, is the time for a presentation very typical of the European underground. Experimental electronic music in the Apolo hall will come to life bringing to the public promising, versatile and unprecedented proposals.

The organization of the techno, electro and house event in the Apolo room is in charge of Nitsa. Tickets are priced at 17 € with management fees. Hours of operation 00:30-05:30 AM. Admission is allowed only to persons over 18 years of age upon presentation of ID.

Nitsa Club has been an institution in electronic music since 1993 and over the years it has consolidated its position.

Experimental electronics at Apolo

The stage will welcome the “new electronica” with a distinguished group of artists. This sensational show offers the magic of combining Latin sounds with experimental electronic music in the Apolo hall, with the presence of the founder of the Portuguese label Enchufada, DJ Mina, singer Bryte Branko and the duo Dengue Dengue Dengue Dengue.

Enchufada is Branko’s label well known for being part of the seminal Buraka Sound Sistema and for hosting the radio show Enchufada Na Zona on the online radio station NTS. He is accompanied on stage by the enigmatic Dengue Dengue Dengue, experts in integrating Latin and electronic music. To complement the show directly from Ghana DJ Mina and singer Bryte.

Tips to attend the experimental electronic music show at the Apolo hall

  • You can arrive by metro, cab, bus or your car and although they do not have their own parking, there are several close to the hall. Address: Nou de la rambla 113 Barcelona.
  • People with reduced mobility will be able to attend as there is an elevator to facilitate access and also chairs with security personnel.
  • They offer checkroom service when the room is opened. It costs 2€ per item (bags, garments, etc.) and is paid in cash. There you must leave helmets, suitcases, skateboards that you will not be able to enter the room. Keep the ticket in order to claim your items and garments.
  • They offer an outdoor smoking area on (3) and you can also buy tobacco there. It is not allowed to go out to smoke in the street.
  • Ask for the place where pizzas are sold in case you get hungry.
  • Tickets can be purchased in advance, but only online. If you do not do it through this means, they will only be on sale the same day of the event at the ticket office before the opening of the venue.
  • There are no discounts for groups or guest lists.
  • Please note that you may not enter wearing jerseys or sports team emblems. You may also not enter in costume or with any accessory that is part of a costume.