Experience the open-air film festival at Sala Montjuïc

Experience the open-air film festival at Sala Montjuïc

From July 1 to August 5, 2022, a new edition of the open-air film festival will be held at Barcelona’s Sala Montjuïc.

If you love movies and love to enjoy good films in the summer, this new film series is very promising.

The best thing is that this festival is back to normal as there are no longer restrictions due to the pandemic.

The 20th edition of the festival will be held with a total of 16 sessions. Also included in the program was a “Best Of” with the most preferred films, voted by means of a survey.

Tickets are available for purchase now.

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The best films of the open-air film festival at Sala Montjuïc

The program includes the screening of “Licorice Pizza” or “Coda”. Also the all-time classics such as “Grease”, “Interstellar” or “With Death at our Heels”.

Catalan auteur cinema and talent will be present this year with “Alcarràs” by Carla Simón.

The screenings will be in the original version with Spanish subtitles. Before the film there will be a live music show and in the last session on August 5, there will be a surprise film.

General admission prices will be 7.50 euros. If you want to stay on a deck chair it will be 10,50 euros.

Admission to the venue will be from 8:30 p.m. onwards. The concert will take place at 8.45 pm and the screening of the films will start at 10 pm.

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