Seeking to bring Euroleague basketball to Barcelona in 2025

Seeking to bring Euroleague basketball to Barcelona in 2025

Barcelona aspires to be able to host the Euroleague basketball Final Four in 2025.

David Escudé, Councilman of Sports of the Barcelona City Council, assured that the capital city meets all the requirements. The city is more than ready to host the biggest European club basketball event in 2025.

He affirms that the postulation has the support of the Generalitat together with the Catalan Federation, as he stated in recent declarations.

Euroleague basketball in Barcelona

The Euroleague is one of the most important events in European club basketball.

The advantage is that the city, Escudé reiterated, is wonderful and is also very well prepared for major sporting events.

One of these venues is the Palau Sant Jordi, built for the 1992 Olympic Games and inaugurated in 1990.

It should be noted that basketball is the second major sport in Barcelona and one of the first women’s sports. We are a capital of tradition in this sport.

Over the years, Barcelona has hosted major sporting, cultural, academic and industrial events, among many others.

Therefore, it has many advantages to be able to carry out the Euroleague.

In fact, the city will host important sporting events in the coming years, such as the start of the Vuelta Ciclista a España in 2023 and the America’s Sailing Cup in 2024.

It will be a wonderful setting for local and foreign athletes and spectators. They will find in Barcelona the ideal setting for the development of major events of international stature.

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