Dogs are not allowed to travel on the Barcelona metro at rush hour

Dogs are not allowed to travel on the Barcelona metro at rush hour

The Barcelona metro is one of the most used means of public transportation in the city, and it is common to see dog owners traveling with their pets.

However, there are limitations on dog access to the subway during rush hour, which has generated some controversy among pet owners.

The objective of this restriction is to prioritize the space available for passengers, allowing people to use public transport without difficulty during peak times.

Although some dog owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with this limitation, it has been implemented in order to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all metro users.

No dogs allowed on the Barcelona metro during rush hours

According to the information provided by the Barcelona City Council on its Animal Welfare web page, it is established that dogs cannot travel on the metro between 7:00 and 9:30 am, as well as between 5:00 and 7:00 pm.

These schedules also apply to the Tram, another means of public transportation in the city where dogs are allowed.

However, there are exceptions to this restriction, such as pet dogs.

During holidays, dogs can travel on the metro at any time of the day.

This exception also applies on Saturdays and during the summer period, which runs from St. John’s Day to the Diada de Catalunya (from June 24 to September 11).

Standards to be met

In addition to the time restrictions, there are a number of rules that dogs traveling on the subway must comply with.

According to the City Council’s Animal Welfare website, dogs must be muzzled and kept on a leash that is not extendable and is less than 50 centimeters in length.

In addition, only one animal per person is allowed under the requirement that the animal cannot occupy a seat in the subway.

Regarding access to the metro, dogs are not allowed to use the escalators and must access the stations by the fixed stairs or by using the elevator.

It is important to note that, in situations of large crowds and for safety reasons, there may be limitations on the admission of animals in the metro.

All these regulations, as well as the aforementioned timetables and exceptions, also apply to the Tram, providing consistency in Barcelona’s dog transport policies.

If you are a pet owner and plan to use the metro as a means of transportation in Barcelona, it is essential that you take into account these restrictions.

Make sure you meet the necessary requirements to ensure a pleasant and respectful experience.