100 areas in Barcelona to be designated as dog parks

100 areas in Barcelona to be designated as dog parks

Dogs will be able to run loose in the hundred or so spaces that will be set up as dog parks. The modification of the Ordinance for the keeping of animals was made in the municipal plenary that seeks to have at least one such area in each neighborhood of the city. There will be at least one area for these animals in each neighborhood of the city.

In these areas, dogs may be unleashed at certain times. It also eliminates the requirement for owners to have a mandatory responsible civic possession card that allowed them to use these shared-use areas.

Although the regulation required the possession of the license, it never materialized to have to carry it.

Dog parks in Barcelona

The objective of the Shared Use Zones, ZUC, is to provide the entire city with recreational spaces for the more than 180,000 dogs that live in the city.

It also seeks to ensure that 95% of families with dogs can have a space for their recreation available within 10 minutes from home.

At the same time, they sought to order the spaces where dogs can go unleashed, in order to maintain a good coexistence with other users in the middle of a public space.

The plenary session of the Barcelona City Council definitively approved the modification of the Ordinance with the favorable vote of the government parties Barcelona en Comú and PSC; JxCat and Ciutadans and the abstention of ERC, Valents and Marilén Barceló, non-attached councilor.

In the near future, a decree of the City Council will establish the creation of Shared Use Zones (ZUC) for the use of dogs.

Also on the beaches?

In Barcelona, in addition to the parks that will be adapted, the furry ones also have some beaches in the city where they can enjoy in the company of their family.

In these sandy areas the dogs can spend a fun day playing between the sea and the sand.

Playa de Levant is one of these beaches. It is located on the coast of Barcelona and, in fact, is the most recently inaugurated. During the summer, a specific area is set aside for access with dogs.

Another is Playa de la Conca, the longest beach in Malgrat, municipality of Barcelona. It is the perfect place for nature lovers and for those who want to share an almost virgin space with their dog. There you are welcome to enjoy 1,200 square meters of beach and splendor.

Las Salinas Beach is another ideal setting for canines. It is an extensive beach of 450 meters long located in the municipality of Cubelles. In addition to having an exclusive area for dogs, it has basic services such as free parking and security.

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