Do you like skating: Night skates with the Associació de Patinadors de Barcelona

Do you like skating: Night skates with the Associació de Patinadors de Barcelona


Every Friday in Barcelona the Associació de Patinadors de la ciudad organizes the night skates. You can choose which route to participate in, as they offer options from gentle rides to more demanding ones, whether you are a novice or an aspiring Olympian.

Nights on wheels with great fun

The plan is every Friday night when a hundred or so skaters gather at a previous meeting point that is reported through the website

When you arrive at the meeting you will see a large crowd forming a makeshift corridor and encouraging all the “racers” to fly on skates, while filming everything.

If you are a novice, don’t worry, the organizers will always inform you and make sure that you go carefully along the easy route.

Night skating in Barcelona

The route is easy to do and very accessible for beginners, so don’t be afraid of being too physically demanding. Now if you are more experienced you can participate in the expert ones and choose the one that best suits your conditions. You can check them on the website and see the updated schedule.

There is also the other scenario. If you don’t know how to skate and if when you use a pair of skates you dance aimlessly towards the ground, you can take the free classes that are given every week so that you can prepare, learn and go out and enjoy the rides safely.

Ideally, you should not lag behind and always go with the group. You will be able to identify the race guide because he wears an orange vest and is always at the back of the line cheering and making sure that no one is left out of the group.

Night skating is an enjoyable and powerful exercise to maintain physical fitness and practice cardio routines highly recommended for health.

In the night skate groups there is a variety of attendees. From the novice to the veteran. Friends, family members attending in groups, single people, young people, seniors, there is a little bit of everything. There are also those who jump bollards, benches or do some acrobatics.

But even if you go alone, it is very easy to integrate into the group and socialize immediately.

What sometimes happens…

Incidents are not ruled out during the tours. During the two hours that the tour lasts, some inconveniences may occur. Sometimes cars that don’t want to stop and get annoyed to stop or people who cross without caution and sometimes passers-by who throw stones or cans to make the skaters stumble.

These events can happen, but that’s what the organizers of the night skate are there for, to ensure your safety and the proper development of an enjoyable, dynamic and fun tour without stress.