Bungrbun: burgers that cook on the way to your home

Bungrbun: burgers that cook on the way to your home

A revolution in home delivery service are burgers that are cooked on the way home. Yes, as you read it. They are offered by Bungrbun and cooked on the way to your home.

You can now try the Messi Burger at Hard Rock Café in Barcelona.

The advantage is that they do not get cold. The strategy is that they use super-stretchy glass bread made from equal parts flour and water.

The meat and the rest of the toppings are wrapped in this bun to assemble the hamburger.

When the bread is closed, like a pie or pizza calzone, it is placed in the oven at a temperature of 300 degrees for four minutes. They are closed to avoid dripping when eating them.

It is delivered immediately, as the restaurant does not offer on-site service.

The secret is in the bun and the way they wrap the burger. In this way it is possible to cook it on the way home and keep it warm for quite a long time compared to any other hamburger ordered at home.

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Where did the idea for Bungrbun come from?

It was born from two problems they identified when ordering hamburgers at home.

The first is that this is a product that should be consumed freshly cooked, because the longer it takes to eat it, the more unpleasant the experience may be.

The second drawback is that it is a high-fat food. Even the meat portion can have up to 20% fat.

In this sense and if not consumed immediately, this fat can compact and damage the diner’s experience.

The other advantage of Bungrbun, besides the vegan glass bun, is that the meat in their burgers is low in fat.

The meat is 100% matured beef or chicken and vegan.

This combination is healthy and light. It is an innovation in the way of preparing and delivering hamburgers.

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The pandemic was a trigger for the delivery service to be reinforced and to stay for good.

And of the most requested home-delivered dishes, the hamburger is the star. It is the icon of fast food that over time has been complemented with other flavors and ingredients.

The advantage is that you will be able to taste it fresh, freshly prepared, hot and without crumbling. These are the advantages that Bungr offers as its main differential in the restaurant market.

The restaurant specialized in food technology and started its operation in December last year with the option of home delivery only.

Its motto is “It’s inside”. The objective is to take care of every detail so that the best is what is inside.

They have their own delivery and also work with Glovo and Uber Eats.