You can now try the Messi Burger at Hard Rock Café in Barcelona.

You can now try the Messi Burger at Hard Rock Café in Barcelona.

Leo Messi and Barcelona are one heart despite the distance. And the proof of this is the Messi Burger, Leo Messi’s hamburger that you can now eat at the Hard Rock Café in Barcelona.

The Messi Burger became part of the Hard Rock menu on March 1, 2022.

Some think it is an excellent way to keep alive the memory of the best soccer player in the world who was part of our culture, of our feelings.

The restaurant bar is very pleased to offer it to its diners.

La Messi Burger: a delight to the palate

The Messi Burger is approved and sponsored by the Argentine soccer star.

It is a double hamburger with juicy prime ground beef. The meat is braised and seasoned with provolone cheese, caramelized red onion, tomato and romaine lettuce. It also has sliced chorizo, smoked and spicy sauce and is served on a toasted brioche bun.

This delicacy costs 10,95 €.

You can accompany it with a fried egg for two euros more, as a reminder of Messi’s favorite dish “milanesa a caballo”.

The Messi Burger is Messi’s version of the classic house burger and a product of the Live Greatness campaign signed in July 2021 by the player and Hard Rock Café.

Through Live Greatness, Hard Rock Café seeks to celebrate half a century of life and remember its origins related to the world of sports, especially soccer.

Messi will be the brand ambassador for five years.