Bobo Choses: fusing fashion, art and fun in Barcelona

Bobo Choses: fusing fashion, art and fun in Barcelona

Fashion and art have always gone hand in hand and the Catalan brand Bobo Choses understands this perfectly.

In a successful combination of creativity and fashion, Bobo Choses has opened its flagship store in the premises that once housed the historic Gancedo upholstery shop, located at 97 Rambla Cataluña in Barcelona.

With a space of 250 square meters, this store presents itself as much more than just a place to shop: it is an oasis of fun and creativity for the whole family.

The main motto that guides this space is “have fun”, and it is reflected in every corner of the store. From a workshop area to a play area for the little ones to an interactive artistic expression section, Bobo Choses has created an environment that fosters creativity and connection with the inner child in both children and adults.

By collaborating with local artists such as Colapso Studio, Rumu Studio and Casa Chinchilla, the brand has been able to design spaces that are not only visually appealing, but also stimulating to the imagination.

Bobo Choses and product offerings

In terms of product offerings, the store showcases the various children’s and adult clothing collections that have made Bobo Choses famous. With bright colors and distinctive patterns, the brand’s garments stand out on every shelf.

In addition, the new spring collection, inspired by stories and poems created and illustrated by the brand itself, is also available for those who wish to add a touch of magic to their closet.

To preserve the essence of the location, Bobo Choses has preserved the store’s iconic wooden facade, which has become part of the architectural heritage of the city’s iconic stores since 2016.

However, a large curtain with a smiling face welcomes visitors, adding a touch of joy and modernity to the space.

Fashion and sustainability

But beyond fashion and design, Bobo Choses prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

All its garments are made with organic cotton fabrics and recycled materials, and are manufactured in Spain and Portugal. This conscious approach reflects the brand’s commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

The opening of this flagship store marks an important milestone in the history of Bobo Choses. With an investment of 500,000 euros to renovate the space, the brand reaffirms its presence in the market and its commitment to its core values.

In addition, this new location joins Bobo Choses’ first physical store in the Born neighborhood, opened in 2018, thus expanding its presence in Barcelona.