Barcelona’s Eixample beach will not be open this summer

Barcelona's Eixample beach will not be open this summer
Barcelona 04 08 2015 Barcelona Report on public access swimming pools in the city In the photo swimming pool in the gardens of the tower of the aigues at number 56 of Roger de Lluria street Photograph by Jordi Cotrina

Just a few months before the beginning of summer, the traditional and well-known beach of l’Eixample in Barcelona closes definitively to the public.

This pool, the most centrally located in the city, had been in operation since 1978 until now. The reason? The City Council closed it after signatures from citizens affected by the non-compliance of the acoustic norm (excess noise) that in the middle of the day exceeds 17 points the limits set by the norm.

In fact, the City Council listened to the complaints and proceeded to take these sonometric measurements through a specialized technical team from a neighboring house. The measurements indicated that the decibels reaching the neighboring house exceeded the permitted limit.

The summer of 2019 will be the first summer without the l’Eixample pool which puts an end to 40 years of fresh water in the middle of the Eixample Esquerre, just when the concession of the space expires which will not be renewed.

The traditional beach of l’Eixample in Barcelona

In this icon of the city located in an inner courtyard of the block of Roger de Llúria, Consell de Cent and Diputació streets, about 300 people could gather on a summer day.

Because it is such an enclosed space, noise complaints became more and more constant, which prevented the neighbors living in the area from resting and having adequate peace and quiet.

However, the City Council did not want to deprive the residents of l’Eixample of a nearby swimming pool. Therefore, in the Joan Miró Park, in the new Esquerra de l’Eixample, a new bathing area will be set up.

The alternative of the beach 30 minutes away

The alternative in the Joan Miró Park is a new children’s water play area with slides, water circuits, sprinklers and water games and sprinklers in the park’s multi-sports courts.

These facilities are located between the districts of Eixample Esquerra and Sants, and will have visitors from families with children between zero and 12 years old. As the maximum capacity is 120 people, about 60 boys or girls and their respective companion (one for each minor) will be allowed to enter.

The area will be open from June 25 through September 6 at prices that vary for individuals and groups, in the case of large families. Admission is free for children under one year of age, as well as for seniors over 65 and users of the pink card.

The opening hours will be from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and no more than two hours will be allowed. The maximum capacity will be for 120 people.