Barcelona to introduce an innovative Nautical Bus service: more economical than the metro

Barcelona to introduce an innovative Nautical Bus service: more economical than the metro

Barcelona will soon have a unique form of water transportation for its residents and visitors. As of July 1, 2024, the Port of Barcelona will launch a new Nautical Bus service, connecting the Drassanes with the Llevant dock and the Nova Bocana, located near the W Hotel.

This water transport service will have two zero-emission boats, designed to reduce pedestrian travel time in the port area and relieve traffic congestion on Paseo de Joan de Borbó.

Each vessel will have a capacity of 70 passengers and will operate a minimum of twelve hours per day.

The price of the Nautical Bus ride

The Port of Barcelona has announced that the maximum price per trip on the nautical bus will be 1.90 euros, making it a cheaper option than a single metro ticket in the city.

In addition, 10-ride passes, 30-day passes and discounts for children, youth and senior citizens will be offered.

This accessible pricing structure makes the nautical bus an attractive and affordable option for all users, regardless of their age or economic situation.

One of the main characteristics of this service is its commitment to sustainability. Therefore, the vessels will be equipped with propulsion systems based on solar panels or hydrogen, in addition to being connected to the electricity grid.

This initiative reflects Barcelona’s commitment to reducing emissions and developing more environmentally friendly transportation options.

To ensure passenger safety, renovations will be carried out at the Llevant and Drassanes piers, including an automated docking and boarding system. In addition, work is being carried out on the creation of a new maritime station at the Llevant dock, which will have restaurant services for passengers.

The launch of the Nautical Bus represents an exciting innovation in Barcelona’s public transport, offering citizens and tourists a convenient, efficient and sustainable way to get around the city.

With affordable fares and a focus on environmental protection, this service promises to be a valuable addition to the city’s transportation network.

An innovative transportation alternative

This new service, operated by the Alsa Group under the endorsement of the Port of Barcelona, will have two zero-emission vessels.

One of the most outstanding features of the Bus Nautico is its focus on sustainability. In fact, these vessels are a step forward in reducing emissions and promoting cleaner and greener transport in the maritime environment.

The changes will ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience by ensuring the comfort of maritime transportation in Barcelona.