After being closed for more than half a century, the ghost Post Office station is revived

Después de permanecer cerrada más de medio siglo, revive la estación fantasma de Correos

Barcelona, a city full of history, holds many secrets that have been hidden for decades. One of these secrets is the old ghost station of Correos del metro, an architectural gem that has been closed for more than half a century.

However, with the recent works on the yellow line of the metro, this ghost station has resurfaced from oblivion and undergone a surprising transformation.

The works on the yellow line of the Barcelona metro, which have kept L4 trains out of service for two months, have brought with them an unexpected surprise: the restoration of the old Correos station.

This station, which has been closed for more than half a century, has undergone a process of cleaning and restoration while renovation work on the yellow line was being carried out.

Although the Correos station remains inaccessible to the general public, some metro passengers have shared videos on social media showing the amazing transformation that this former site has undergone.

The restoration included the laying of new blue tiles, which have attracted the attention of L4 users for their freshness and beauty.

The ghost station of Correos: a journey to the past and the future

Correos station, also known as Correus, has a rich history dating back to its inauguration in 1934. For almost four decades, this station was an important point in Barcelona’s metro network, serving citizens and connecting the city efficiently.

However, in 1972, the station closed its doors to the public as part of the expansion of the yellow line to La Pau.

Despite its long inactivity, the Correos station has preserved a valuable heritage inside. Although it has no specific heritage elements, you can still see signs and advertisements dating from its time of operation.

The sign indicating the name of the station, “Correos”, remains intact, a tangible reminder of the history of this place.

Other ghost stops

Correos station is not the only ghost stop on the Barcelona metro system. On the same line, between the stations of Jaume I and Urquinaona, is the Banc station, which was inaugurated in 1911 but never came into operation due to its small size.

Another stop that keeps secrets is Ferran, located between La Boqueria and Carrer Ferran, which was used by spectators at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.

These ghost stations are silent witnesses to Barcelona’s evolution over the years. The advertisements and posters that decorate their walls are a window into the past.


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