Vidre Art Gallery: contemporary art in BCN from glass artworks

Vidre Art Gallery: contemporary art in BCN from glass artworks

Barcelona’s art scene has received a new boost with the opening of Vidre Art Gallery, a contemporary art space located in a former glass blowing workshop in Poble Espanyol.

This space, which combines traditional craftsmanship with creative innovation, is presented as a platform to promote and highlight the work of local and international artists.

Located in a circular building with wooden ceilings and skylights that let in natural light, Vidre Art Gallery offers a unique experience for art lovers. His first exhibition, entitled “Sand and Silicon”, pays homage to the fundamental material of glass and presents works by artists who explore the creative possibilities of this medium.

From Pròsper Riba’s playful and eye-catching pieces to Sílvia Gubern’s paintings on glass and Stella Rahola’s sculptures that dialogue with nature, the exhibition offers a wide range of artistic expressions.

Vidre Art Gallery: contemporary art

In addition to “Arena y Silicio”, Vidre Art Gallery also hosts the exhibition “Manzana Infinita” by Kai Takeda, a Japanese painter and sculptor whose work reflects a poetic exploration of the everyday in two dimensions.

This exhibition offers a unique insight into Takeda’s artistic journey, which has evolved from three-dimensional sculpture to a more abstract and reflective expression.

With its opening to the public on February 21, Vidre Art Gallery becomes an essential destination for art lovers in Barcelona. In addition to offering a unique artistic experience, the gallery is committed to fostering an enriching and dynamic dialogue within the local and international art community.

As part of this commitment, access to the gallery will be included with general admission to Poble Espanyol, ensuring that art is accessible to all visitors.

Vidre Art Gallery represents an exciting new chapter in Barcelona’s art scene. With its focus on glass as a creative medium and its commitment to the art community, the gallery promises to be a vibrant and stimulating space for exploration and inspiration.

The site

The space itself is a work of art, with its circular shape, wooden ceilings and skylights that let in natural light. Formerly used as a craft workshop dedicated to glass blowing, this historic building now houses a gallery that seeks to fuse traditional art techniques with contemporary creative innovations.

Vidre Art Gallery is committed to providing an innovative platform for the production and promotion of the local and international art scene.

With its focus on fusing tradition and modernity, as well as promoting enriching artistic dialogue, Vidre Art Gallery promises to be a must-see destination for followers of good art.



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