First edition of the Crush Barcelona festival: to recognize young literary talent

First edition of the Crush Barcelona festival: to recognize young literary talent

The rise of the young adult literary genre, driven largely by the ‘BookTok’ trend on platforms such as TikTok, has arrived in Barcelona with the first edition of the Crush festival.

This event, which will bring together more than 50 national and international authors of the genre, promises to be a milestone in the youth literary scene.

With the participation of literary celebrities such as Karen M. McManus, Mercedes Ron and Rebeca Ross, the festival promises two days full of book presentations, signings, panel discussions, challenges and a costume-themed party.

The influence of ‘BookTok’ in promoting new titles and revitalizing past works has been evident in the publishing market, with a significant increase in sales of juvenile books.

According to a study by the Publishers Guild Federation, the young adult genre now accounts for 17% of sales in the book sector, generating a turnover of 2.7 billion euros.

This trend demonstrates the power of Generation Z to drive change in the publishing industry and highlight stories that resonate with their experiences and concerns.

About the first edition of Crush Barcelona

Crush Fest, which will be held at the University of Barcelona on March 16-17, 2024, will offer fans of young adult literature the opportunity to meet their favorite authors and participate in a variety of reading-related activities.

From book presentations to panel discussions on topics relevant to young people, the festival promises to be a must-attend event for lovers of young people’s literature in Barcelona and beyond.

Notable national guests include Elena Armas, Laia López, Blue Jeans, Sonia Guillén and Mireia León, while internationally, authors such as Karen M. McManus, whose trilogy “Alguien está mintiendo” has been adapted by Netflix, Mercedes Ron, whose work “Culpa mía” has also been brought to the screen by Amazon Prime, and Rebeca Ross, author of an international best-seller, are expected to attend.

These authors, whose earnings are in the millions, are representative of the success and popularity of the young adult genre today.

Of love, friendship and other challenges

The young adult genre addresses a wide range of topics that are relevant to today’s youth, from love and friendship to finding identity and overcoming challenges.

Although it is a relatively modern genre, it has managed to capture the attention of readers of all ages and has proven to be a source of moving and meaningful stories.

The Crush Festival represents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of young adult literature and meet some of its most prominent authors.


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