VI Edition Restaurants Against Hunger

Restaurants Against Hunger: Dishes that Feed
is an initiative against child malnutrition. This is not the first time the initiative has been carried out; in fact, this is the sixth edition; and on this occasion it also has an exceptional sponsor, the chef Joan Roca.

Restaurants Against Hunger

The initiative will be in force until November 15 and consists in the fact that every dish ordered by customers in partner restaurants will be donated between 0.50 euros and 2 euros to Action Against Hunger.

A solidarity initiative that allows us to do our bit in the fight against hunger in a simple and fun way, through shared leisure activities.
shared leisure
. Last year, this initiative raised more than 120,000 euros, which helped to fight hunger through different actions: baskets for underprivileged families, medical and nutritional treatments for children with symptoms of malnutrition, etc.

More than 600 restaurants have joined this cause. And through them, customers can collaborate in three ways:

  1. Ordering any of the dishes or solidarity menus.
  2. By making a donation through the solidarity piggy banks installed in the collaborating restaurants.
  3. Sending an SMS with the word HUNGER to 28010.

A solidarity snack (a mixed sandwich) will also be available at all Makro’s Pelican Rouge vending machines on the dates when the initiative is in force. And for every snack sold, 0.25 euros will be donated to Action Against Hunger.


You will find more detailed information about this beautiful and supportive initiative on the website: