The Three Chimneys of Sant Adrià de Besòs: a historical space open to the public

The Three Chimneys of Sant Adrià de Besòs: a historical space open to the public

The imposing Three Chimneys of Sant Adrià de Besòs, known for their majesty and iconic skyline, will soon open their doors to the public for the first time in history.

This iconic industrial landmark, which has witnessed the region’s urban evolution for decades, will become a space accessible to all thanks to the European biennial Manifesta 15, to be held in Barcelona this year.

With a height of 200 meters and visible from several kilometers away, the Three Chimneys have always aroused the curiosity of the inhabitants and visitors of the area. Now, thanks to Manifesta’s initiative, those interested will have the opportunity to explore its interior and discover its unique history.

Although they were initially built as part of a thermal power plant, today they represent much more than that. They are a symbol of urban transformation and a reminder of the importance of preserving industrial heritage.

The Three Chimneys of Sant Adrià de Besòs

During the visit, participants will be able to explore the three floors of each chimney, accessed via concrete stairs.

The original stained glass windows offer panoramic views of the sea, creating a unique atmosphere that fuses the industrial with the natural. Inside, there are machine rooms that look like something out of a science fiction movie, with controls and equipment from bygone eras.

Manifesta 15 aims to transform this space into a dynamic and diverse cultural center that will host contemporary art exhibitions, architectural interventions and educational activities.

It is anticipated that at least five spaces within the Three Chimneys will be used for these activities, providing visitors with a unique and immersive experience.

It also features a new tactile map for the visually impaired showing the three iconic towers, each with its own character and function.

An event center

Manifesta’s director, Hedwig Fijen, emphasizes the importance of choosing locations outside the city center for its events, thus seeking to boost the revitalization of areas in the process of transformation.

The Three Chimneys are a perfect example of this vision, as they are strategically located between Barcelona, Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona.

The future of this iconic site continues to be a matter of debate. While some proposals suggest the creation of a residential neighborhood with social housing, others point to more ambitious projects, such as Catalunya Media City, an audiovisual hub.

Whatever the final fate of the Three Chimneys, its legacy as a symbol of the region’s industrial history will live on in the collective memory of its inhabitants.

The goal is to transform this space into a dynamic and diverse cultural center, celebrating its industrial past while looking to the future with hope and creativity.