The iconic Sidecar nightclub in Barcelona has closed its doors.

The iconic Sidecar nightclub in Barcelona has closed its doors.

After 42 years of history, Barcelona’s iconic Sidecar venue closed its doors forever on January 31, 2024, with a final performance by Los Rebeldes, accompanied by Los Enemigos frontman Josele Santiago and the band Sidone.

This event marked the end of an era for this iconic nightclub, which has been a reference point in the city’s music scene for decades.

The Sidecar hall, located in the Plaça Reial del Gòtic, opened its doors on November 13, 1982 under the direction of Roberto Tierz. However, last December, Tierz announced the closure of the premises and the transfer of ownership to those responsible for the Sauvage bar in the Born.

This change of ownership has generated some uncertainty in the music sector, as some fear that the new owners will not maintain the original spirit of the Sidecar.

Since its foundation, the Sidecar has been an emblematic place in Barcelona’s nightlife.

It emerged as a countercultural alternative at the height of the underground movement and has witnessed the evolution and diversity of the city’s music scene. Together with other locals such as the Jamboree, it was one of the best known nightlife areas in Barcelona.

Sidecar nightclub closed its doors in Barcelona

The transfer of ownership took place on February 1, 2024, when the new owners assumed control of the premises. Although they are expected to maintain concerts, staff and programming, the closure of the Sidecar hall marks the end of an era for Barcelona’s music scene.

Roberto Tierz, the owner of the Sidecar hall, has expressed his gratitude to all those who have supported the venue over the years. In a statement, Tierz said that “despite all the difficulties, Sidecar has maintained a location in the center of the city, open to everyone and especially to the people of Barcelona”.

The usual team continued to work in the room until it closed for good. The closing was made with farewell events to celebrate the legacy of the Sidecar room and give it a farewell as it deserves for its legacy and history.

The venue, with its 42 years of tradition, opened “for the love of music and a rebellious and nonconformist spirit, and has been maintained over time without losing its essence,” said Roberto.

Tierz affirmed that “although the hall presented different difficulties faced by Sidecar, it remained open until now in sulocal in the center of the city. A venue that was a favorite place for the people of Barcelona”.

As of January 31, the room was managed and administered by the Sauvage club (Pg. del Born, 13, Ciutat Vella, 08003).







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