Barcelona hosts the third Mondicult Unesco 2025 conference

Barcelona hosts the third Mondicult Unesco 2025 conference

Barcelona has been selected to host the third edition of the World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development, known as Mondicult 2025, as announced by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

This choice marks the first time the conference will be held in Europe, representing a significant milestone for the Catalan capital and for Spain in general.

The news was received with enthusiasm both nationally and internationally. The Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, highlighted the importance of this opportunity to lead the global conversation on cultural cooperation.

The conference, scheduled for the second half of 2025, will address a wide range of topics, including cultural rights, heritage and museums, as well as the culture of peace in a context of growing conflicts around the world.

Barcelona hosts Mondicult Unesco 2025 conference

The choice of Barcelona as the official venue for Mondicult 2025 is a recognition of Spain’s commitment to the promotion of culture as a global public good.

The Catalan city, known for its rich cultural history and diversity, will provide an ideal setting for this important international event.

The Mondicult conference, which originated in 1982, seeks to place culture at the center of the global development agenda. In its second edition in 2022, held in Mexico, it brought together 2,600 participants and 135 ministers of culture from around the world.

During this meeting, a unanimous declaration was adopted stating that “culture is a global public good” and advocating its inclusion as a “specific objective in its own right”. In fact, it became one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A commitment to culture

The choice of Barcelona as the host city for Mondicult 2025 reflects Spain’s commitment to promoting culture as a key driver for sustainable development and world peace.

The conference will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices in the cultural field, as well as the opportunity to establish new partnerships and collaborations at the international level.

The Mondicult 2025 celebration in Barcelona will also provide a unique opportunity to highlight the crucial role of culture in building more inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies.

Through a series of panels, roundtables and cultural events, participants will be able to explore innovative ways to address the cultural challenges of the 21st century and work together to achieve a more equitable future for all people.

The choice of Barcelona as the host city for Mondicult 2025 is a recognition of Spain’s key role in the global cultural sphere and offers a unique opportunity to promote cultural cooperation and sustainable development on a global scale.








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