The heaviest Barcelona

You either love it or you hate it, that’s how it is, with Heavy Metal there is no middle ground. And despite the detractors, this musical genre has a large following around the world. Followers who, besides enjoying this music characterized by its powerful rhythms and sounds, are also defined by the heavy aesthetics, very marked thanks to precursors such as AC/DC, Nirvana or Metallica.

There are many spaces and clubs in Barcelona dedicated to this world, where black and leather jackets predominate.
If you are a heavy metal lover take good note because we have made a list of the best places in Barcelona to enjoy hard rock:

  • Club Magic (Paseo Picaso, 40)
    It is located in the heart of the Born neighborhood, one of the most fashionable areas of the city. Magic has 3 rooms and 2 dance floors. Concerts by established bands and new groups are common here, so it is worth checking their agenda.
  • Wawanco (Oliva Street, 41)
    A mythical space that belongs to the company ROCKCELONA S.L., an institution in the city.
  • Mephisto Hall (Lutxana Street)
    This space is also owned by ROCKCELONA S.L. It opened its doors in November 1993; and since then it has been operating with great success.
  • BB+ (Pere Street, 65)
    Here you can listen to rock at a very low level while enjoying a sandwich or a hamburger. Its decoration is surprising, in which murals and large posters are the protagonists.